Shipping for Bat House and Horseshoe Products

1. Free Shipping on Selected Items

We Pay All Shipping Charges for the 5 different Bat House models, the Bat Shelter Complex and the Easy-up-Bracket when orders are shipped within the lower 48 states, with exception to these West coast states: WA., OR., or CA.

1a. Additional Shipping Fees for some States

There will be an additional charge for shipping to WA., OR., CA., based on the following charges: The 1, 2, 3 cell shipping charge is ($33.50) per unit. The 4 & 5 cell shipping charge is ($48.50) per unit. The Bat Shelter Complex shipping charge is ($189.00) for the complete complex order shipped to the above states. Shipping rate may vary depending on location within the state. Brackets that ship out with the bat house are subject to a flat rate fee of $7.00 for shipping. All rates are subject to change without notice.

When we receive your order we will send you an additional invoice for the shipping charges if you live in any one of the three states: WA., OR., or CA. The shipping invoice MUST be paid prior to us processing your order.

We may be able to save you some money on the shipping charges if you live in WA, OR, or CA. You may want to enter a storefront business address to ship your purchase to. It cannot be a business name located at your home address.

If we can save you some money on the shipping we will send you a refund check with your purchase.

2. Large Orders

Large quantity orders that need to be shipped by common carrier will be subject to common carrier fees & crating fees if you want your complete order shipped at one time.

Shipping fee is to be determined once your order is crated and weighted. We can give you an estimated cost.

Common carrier shipments will require a fork lift for unloading.

We will apply a credit towards the common carrier shipping charges with a preset allowance that we have set for shipping of each individual item. We will send you an invoice for the shipping charges. Invoice must be paid prior to shipment.

3. Offshore Orders

Offshore orders within the US boundaries will be subject to an additional shipping charges based on the item and the shipping rate posted above in line 1a for WA. OR. CA. All other offshore shipments will be invoiced according to location. Shipping invoice MUST be paid prior to us processing your order.

4. Orders Shipped Outside of the United States

All orders shipped outside of the United States (CANADA) will be subject to any and all additional shipping charges for creating and handling including shipping fees from our shipping provider. Any applicable taxes and duty fees are the purchaser responsibility to pay. You may want to look into having your order shipped to a friends business/house in the U.S.A or a postal store on the U.S. side of the border.

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