Hand-Crafted BCI-certified Bat Houses

Are you looking for a handcrafted cedar Bat House? We can fulfill your needs. We handcraft all of our bat houses from cedar, so they will last and last without replacement every couple of years. Your friends of flight will enjoy their new home that you have provided for them for many years to come. Install a bat house and watch the bats fly around in evening and eat up all of those mosquitoes.

Huge Savings!
All Cedar Bat Houses Discounted 15% to 20%.

All of our handcrafted Bat House products are American Made in Michigan, and are of incomparable design and construction. We only create and sell handcrafted products that are of the highest standards of quality.

Co-owner Phil Brodak is the innovator of the Four Notch System design for Bat Houses which are handcrafted from 100% cedar and approved according to guidelines and certification standards from Batcon.org (BCI Bat Conservation International). You will not find another concept like ours within the Bat House Construction marketplace.

We also have a line of unique handcrafted, one of a kind, horseshoe products for kitchens and bathrooms and other household products as well as gun racks shown below:

Horseshoe Gun Rack

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