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Are you looking for a "High Quality" handcrafted cedar Bat House? We can fulfill your needs. We handcraft all of our bat houses one at a time from northern white cedar, stained or painted to last for decades. Both landing pads and roosting surfaces are rough-cut cedar and additionally grooved at one-eighth-inch intervals to ensure the finest footing achievable, an important factor in bat house choice. Your friends of flight will enjoy the new home that you have provided for them for many years to come.

Cedar bat Houses

Install a bat house and enjoy watching bats emerge at dusk to feed on mosquitoes and other yard pests. No form of control can eliminate all mosquitoes. However, bats clearly can help. Also, many moths and other insect pests flee areas where they hear echolocating bats. This means that even insects not caught by the bats may be repelled.

Bats are especially attracted to locations where more than one bat house is provided. Their natural summer roosts are mostly beneath loose bark or in woodpecker holes in tree snags that are often short lived. Also, during the nursery period, males and females without pups typically like to roost separately from nursing moms, forming smaller groups in cooler, less sun-exposed locations. Finally, needs can vary due to exceptional weather. Thus, it's easy to see why bats like to live where they have options. Even mounting two or more houses close together can double the odds of success.

Larger properties provide increased opportunities to position bat houses in a variety of locations. Smaller houses, especially those with longer sun exposure, are often preferred during cool weather or by initially small colonies that find them easier to heat. However, as numbers grow, they often need to expand into larger accommodations. These are just some of the reasons why it is wise to provide more than one house.

Would you like to maximize potential success by putting up multiple houses? We can install the bat houses for you, if needed.

MTBC installed Bat House
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In the News June 2021

Merlin Tuttle and his crew from MTBC installed one of our BBY Three Chamber Nursery Bat Houses with a Buckskin finish on a 4"x6" treated wood post. The bat house was installed on a 38 acre Pecan tree farm near Fentress TX, in Caldwell County as nut growers are increasingly using bat houses in pest management. The property is located close to the San Marcos River giving the bats plenty of water resources. The installation is part of a test project MTBC will be monitoring on a regular basis. At the present time they only have two bat houses on this test site with the idea of installing more in the future.

We are very pleased to have MTBC test our bat houses to meet the needs of Texas bats as part of their continuing efforts to improve bat houses in America.

triple cell  with dark green paint and 16 oz. copper roof
All of our handcrafted Bat House products are American Made in Michigan, and are of incomparable design and construction. We only create and sell handcrafted products that are of the highest standards of quality.

Co-owner Phil Brodak is the innovator of the Five Notch System design for Bat Houses which are handcrafted from 100% cedar and approved according to guidelines and certification standards from (originally BCI Bat Conservation International) and now certified by MTBC. You will not find another concept like ours within the Bat House Construction marketplace.

Shop around for yourself and see the difference between our bat houses and other manufacturers. You notice I did not use the word "competitor", we have no competitors when it comes to quality construction. We are #1 in the industry for high quality standards. See our Bat House Comparison page for more information.

If you have a question about our bat house construction or placement and need to talk to someone, just drop us a line at or give us a call at 810-602-4707. I bet you can't do that with most of the other bat house sellers on the internet.

3 Chamber Bat House
Painted Black - Copper Roof - Pole Bracket

Testimony: I received the bathouse and I just wanted to say it looks really nice! Head and shoulders above all of those I've seen locally at garden stores, and better than it looks in the pictures too. I hope some bats appreciate it and move in soon! Thanks, Greg, Lincoln, MA See more customer reviews.

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