Easy-Up "Swivel" Pole Mounting Bracket Installation

easy up swivel pole mounting bracket
Easy Up Swivel Pole Mounting Bracket
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The Easy-Up swivel pole mounting bracket (shown on the right) was designed so you can raise and lower your bat house(s) for your yearly cleaning and maintenance inspection with ease. It makes a very hard job very easy.

As you can see in the photos below, it only takes two men to raise a double mounting of our Triple Cell Bat House. Each Triple Cell Bat House weights approximately 20 pounds and without the Easy-up Bracket attachment you will most likely need a piece of equipment or scaffolding to set up your bat houses.

When you install an additional 40 pounds of dead weight at the end of a 15 ft steel pipe that weights 55 pounds plus your bracket that weights 5 pounds you are now trying to lift a total of 100 pounds of dead weight to a 90 degree vertical position. Not an easy task without the proper equipment. Our Easy-up Pole Mounting Bracket simplifies that job.


Video of our Easy-up Installations:

Installing two three cell units on a pole, Mr. F., Davisburg, MI. Date Installed: 04-24-21.

Photos of our Easy-up Installations:

raising bat house pole

Raising two Triple Cell bat houses with the Easy-Up Bracket. First custom installation of three at the corporate headquarters of ITC Holding Corp. in Farmington Hills, MI.

raising second bat house pole

Installation completed. Installed 3 sets of two Triple Chamber Bat Houses with the Easy-Up Pole Bracket for this client. Grounds keepers will be able to inspect the bat houses once a year for any necessary maintenance and cleaning that may be needed. Find out more about our custom installation service.

mounting pole for boy scouts bat houses

Brian P., from San Marcos, CA., talked to the local city fathers to see if they would allow him to install 2 bat houses in the city park for his scout project. They approved it, so Brian went to work and built two bat houses.

He decided he would use our Back-to-Back bracket and the Easy-Up Swivel Bracket to raise and lower the 2" steel pole.

The two houses and the steel pole weighed in at around 80/100 lbs. It made his job a lot easier. It was a great experience for Brian to have a chance to help the local environment for his community. Nice job Brian!

raising Third bat house pole

Completed installation of one Single Chamber and one Triple Chamber Bat House installed with the Easy-Up bracket. Bats love insects. What better place to install bat houses, then near an organic garden like this one in Ms. P. back yard in Rochester Hills, Mi.

Ms. P. takes pride in keeping up her raised bed organic garden, and her yard, as you can tell by the photo. Great job, Ms. P.

raising fourth bat house pole

Five Chamber Bat House being raised with the Easy-up Pole Bracket. Fenton, MI.

raising fifth bat house pole

Mr. S. and his companion check out our Bat house installation. Find out more about our custom installation services.

See the Mounting Brackets page for information on ordering the Easy-Up Braket.

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