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Bat House & Mosquitos

In the summer you are out in your yard along with thousand of mosquitos. Get rid of those mosquitos by installing a bat house,  maybe two or three of them.

Check out our BCI certified bat houses. We have 5 models to choose from. All made out of northern white cedar. http://www.batsbirdsyard.com/bat-houses.html

Cedar Bat house

Cedar Bat house

Bat House – Bird Feeder – Holiday Season

Winter has arrived in some areas of the country with a vengence. You can still purchase your Bat House this winter and have it ready for spring installation, Maybe you need a Bird Feeeder to support your feathered frinds and make it through this wiinter season and the ones in the up coming years.

Vist our website for all your Bat House needs and much more.http://www.batsbirdsyard.com/bat-houses.html

” BATS” Facts about Bats.

We have a new page up on our website titled About Bats. “Facts About Bats“. A lot of interesting information about Bats. Check it out when you have a spare moment. http://www.batsbirdsyard.com/bat-facts.html

Bat House for spring.

Spring is just around the corner. You want to start thinking about where to buy a bat house. Take a look at our BCI approved bat house.

They are the best cedar bat houses on the internet. http://www.batsbirdsyard.com/

Buy now and be ready for spring. http://www.batsbirdsyard.com/bat-houses.html


Bat House Installation

We have added another page to our website.

You can now view a small sample of the many bat house installations that we have completed, along with photos of installations that are self installed by some of our customers. The new page gives the potential customer a better idea of how they can mount their new bat house .http://www.batsbirdsyard.com/bat-house-install-service.html

                                #1 Bat House Installation Service in Michigan

With this new page and our existing page about bat house finish options, http://www.batsbirdsyard.com/bat-houses-painted-stained.html you can get a good idea of what you want to do with your new bat house from BBY LLC.


Bat House Sweepstakes Drawing July 31,2012

Our $ 100.00 Sweepstakes Rebate Drawing Winner for our drawing,  that ended July 31, 2012, will be announced once we receive an official response from our potential winner.

Review sweepstakes guidelines.


Bat House Installation !! Caro, MI.

Three Celll Bat House installed in Caro, MI.

Mr. B. from Caro, MI. is a long time member of (BCI) Bat Conservation International and a registered Master Gardner. His love for gardening goes hand in hand with his love for bats. He has entertained the thoughts of either building a bat house or purchasing one for several years. During a recent visit to the Batcon site, (BCI) he located our website under  certified venders MICHIGAN. After a thorough review of our site, and a review of other sites ,he had no doubt in his mind which website he would purchase a bat house from http://www.batsbirdsyard.com/ Mr. B purchased a 3 cell bat house stained black with a  16 oz copper roof. He also elected to have the bat house installed with one of our pole mounting brackets on a 2″ steel pipe. http://www.batsbirdsyard.com/custom-installation.html

A nice choice Mr. B. it looks great.

 Have a Great Fourth of July.