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Dec 1 - Dec 31, 2016
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3 Chamber Bat House
Painted Black - Copper Roof - Pole Bracket
Testimony: I received the bathouse and I just wanted to say it looks really nice! Head and shoulders above all of those I've seen locally at garden stores, and better than it looks in the pictures too. I hope some bats appreciate it and move in soon! Thanks, Greg, Lincoln, MA

Are you looking for a handcrafted cedar Bat House, Bird House, Bird feeder or maybe a Duck Box? BatsBirdsYard.com can fulfill your needs. Products that will last and last without replacement every couple of years. Your friends of flight will enjoy the new home that you have provided for them for many years to come. We also have a line of unique handcrafted one of a kind, decorative yard art ornaments.

We have something for everyone at BatsBirdsYard.com who enjoys the simple things in life, like their yard and mother nature. Where else can you have your family and friends over to enjoy a Saturday or Sunday barbeque other then at your own private conservation sanctuary.

All of our handcrafted cedar products are American Made in Michigan, and are of incomparable design and construction. Co-owner Phil Brodak is the innovator of the Four Notch System design for Bat Houses that are handcrafted and approved according to guidelines and certification standards from Batcon.org (BCI Bat Conservation International). You will not find another concept like ours within the Bat House Construction marketplace. We only create and sell handcrafted products that are of the upmost quality.

Here's a quick question. Which would you rather do: Buy a high quality, handcrafted cedar product at a fair price ONCE or buy an inferior product that needs to be replaced every few years? That answer should be easy.

There is no time like the present to get involved with the Bat and Bird wildlife friends in your backyard. Mother Nature has a wonderful way of helping to release the tension that builds up during our hectic daily schedule. So browse around our website and choose a product or two that will help you to enjoy your yard and release some of that daily tension. It will do you wonders!

Research Study Indicates a
92% Occupancy Rate on
Painted or Stained Bat Houses

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