Easy-Up Swivel Mounting Bracket for a Steel Pole Mounted Bat House

Easy-Up Swivel Mounting Bracket for a Steel Pole Mounted Bat House
Easy-Up Swivel Mounting Bracket for a Steel Pole Mounted Bat House
Easy Up Mounting Bracket Upright Position
Completed Easy Up Assembly
Pole set in ground
swivel up bracket over pipe
easy-up swivel bracket lowered
complete installation of bat house with swivel bracket
  1. Bracket with swivel arm in lowered position for easy pole attachment at ground level.
  2. This picture shows the easy up bracket with swivel arm in upright position.
  3. Completed E-Z Up Bracket.
  4. Pole set in ground a minimum of 36" with concrete. The deeper in the ground the better.
  5. Easy-Up Swivel Bracket simply drops over the pipe that you placed in the ground with concrete. Use a post level as shown.
  6. Support the mast when you are attaching the pole to the Easy-Up Swivel Bracket, then attach your Bat House or Bat Houses to the mounting bracket. Photo shows (2) Three Chamber Bat Houses painted dark gray on a 2 3/8 inch O.D. steel pipe.
  7. View of (2) Three Chamber Bat Houses installed on a 2 3/8" O.D. steel pole with the Back-to-Back Bracket and the Easy-Up Swivel Pole Bracket.

NOTE: Steel mounting pole not included

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Make an awkward job easy when you install the Easy-Up Swivel Pole Mounting Bracket directly over the top of your 1 1/4", 1 1/2" or 2 " steel pipe placed in the ground.

The Easy-Up swivel pole bracket was designed so you can raise and lower your bat house for yearly inspection, cleaning, and maintenance with ease. It is made from 3"x3" x 3/16" tubular steel and machined in such a manner that it will fit over your existing 2 3/8" O.D. steel pipe. Baked on Powder Coat Finish,

If you would like to order one of our pole brackets to go with the Easy-Up Swivel Mounting Bracket choose one below.

new add secure addon Are you installing a Bat House on a steel pole in an area that my need some added protection against vandals or theft? Upgrade to our Secure E-Z UP Swivel Mounting Bracket in the dropdown below. We have designed this unit with two case-hardened weatherproof keyed padlocks and include 4 keys all keyed the same.

If you choose a pole mounting bracket along WITH the easy-up swivel bracket the pole mounting bracket will be shipped WITH the Easy-Up bracket for no additional shipping charges. Save money and purchase them together below! (Steel mounting pole not included )

Item #: EUSMB
Pole Bracket Options:
If you don't want a pole bracket you must choose "none".
  • Steel mounting pole not included

  • The Easy-Up Bracket will not fit over a pipe larger than 2" I.D. / 2 3/8" O.D.

  • Place steel pipe in the ground set in concrete, minimum 36" but the deeper the better

  • All hardware and installation instructions ARE included

  • Easy-up-Brackets normally ship within two days of order
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Average rating:
average rating 100%
5 reviews

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average rating 100%
Speed and quality 02/28/2022
By Benjamin L.
Phil knows bat houses and poles. Ordering was easy and shipping was lightning fast. You have to see the way this product is packed to believe it. Wow! I'm so glad we found their website and the Easy-Up Swivel Mount.

It allows two older Boy Scouts to raise and lower a back-to-back pair of triple-chamber bat houses without issue. The Swivel Mount is easily the most impressive part of a fine Eagle Project.

We carried in two sections of exterior scaffolding, about 1/8 mile one way. Ouch! We spent twenty minutes assembling and scrambling up. Lifting the old, heavy house off the old pole was a bit treacherous at 10 feet off the ground. It would be firmly in the category of no-can-do at the new height of 19 1/2 feet.

The Easy-Up Swivel Mount allowed us to cut off the old pole and reuse the concrete work. We added a new 17' section. Brilliant!

The best part is knowing the project benefit will be maintained for many years because the houses can be lowered safely for inspection each winter

Our responseThank you Mr.B for your review. I am glad that all went well for the boys in the scout project.
average rating 100%
Most Impressive! 04/03/2022
By Mr. S, Southwest Ranch, FL
I received the Easy-Up-Bracket and Back-to-Back Bracket today. Most impressive! They are more substantial than I imagined. I wanted to tell you that your product quality and shipping packaging is outstanding. The folder full of instructions is a very nice touch. Between that and your excellent web site, you have the best customer experience I have seen in a long time. Thank you.
average rating 100%
Very Pleased! 04/29/2022
By N.
We used this bracket to put up an owl house that squirrels would not leave alone. Very well made and my husband and I put it up with little trouble. (Both in our 60's.) Seller was very helpful. It's a well thought out design, thoughtfully made, the seller checks each one for accuracy -which is essential. Looks like it will last longer than we will. Love it.
Our responseHi Mrs. C. from Madison WI. Thank you for your review. Glad it worked out well for you. Phil
average rating 100%
Fabrication Work Spot On! 04/03/2022
By John, R., St Joseph, MI
I got the Easy-up & the Single pole Mounting brackets, really nice fabrication work! I used to work in the maintenance department of a nuclear plant and I really appreciate good welding.

Make an awkward job easy when you install the Secure E-Z Up Swivel Pole Mounting Bracket directly over the top of your 1 1/4", 1 1/2" or 2 " steel pipe placed in the ground set in concrete, minimum 36" but the deeper the better!