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Bat House Double Cell Deluxe Clubhouse

Bat House Double Cell Deluxe Club House
Bat House Double Cell Deluxe Club House
bat house end view
bat house black stain

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Premier Series
Double Cell Deluxe Clubhouse
Holds Up To 100 Bats

The double chamber bat house, originally recommended by BCI, and now certified by MTBC, is designed for intermediate sized colonies. The chamber design and construction allow for movement between the cells to respond to temperature changes. Two units can be used for a back-to-back application on a pole or a single mount application with great success.

All of our MTBC / BCI approved 1, 2 & 3 chamber bat houses work well in pairs mounted on poles, one facing south / southeast the other north / northwest. The only exceptions are arid areas with extreme day-to-night temperature fluctuation. In such cases, bat houses are far more successful mounted on buildings. Pole mounting permits placement in locations ideally positioned relative to sun exposure. Try to make a yearly inspections after all bats have seasonally migrated and the house is unoccupied, typically between late fall, winter and early spring is the best time to make your inspection.


100% Cedar Construction 100%
(see more details here).

29"H 16"W 3.5"D
16 lbs

* Weights may very somewhat from printed weight.
** All capacities are approximate may not be actual.

Special Note: If you order more than one Bat House with a bracket, you must order the Back-to-Back bracket on the Mounting Bracket order page, OR you will be charged for the same quantity of brackets as bat houses ordered when you only need one set of brackets for every two bat houses that you order. Contact us for FREE SHIPPING CODE when you go to place your order for the back-to-back brackets with your bat house order, or we can send you a refund check with your order.

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Dimensions: 29"H 16"W 3.5"D with large 7 3/4" landing pad area
Weight: 16 lbs
Mounting: 4 pre-drilled holes
100% Cedar Construction
Metal Roof and Back Pan
More Construction Details
NOTE: All of our Bat House units can be installed in different applications with or without our mounting brackets. It is just so much easer when you use one of our custom made powder coated Mounting Brackets to do the installation. We can install the house for you.
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We Pay All Shipping Charges for the 1,2,3,4,5 cell units and the Bat Shelter Complex shipped in the lower 48 states, except for these West coast states: WA., OR., and CA. Additional shipping will also be charged for locations outside the US as well as Canada. Please click on our Shipping Clarification page for information on additional charges for shipping your order, and ways you can save money on your shipping cost.

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