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11 Piece "Super Deluxe" Bat Shelter Complex, Includes 5 Bat Houses and Mounting Brackets

11 Piece "Super Deluxe" Bat Shelter Complex, Includes 5 Bat Houses and Mounting Brackets
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The Bat Shelter Complex is the ideal solution for the encouragement of bat population growth on areas of land that are two acres or larger. Over five acres may require more units depending on the bat populations and the futher growth of the new residents.

These units are built with Northern white cedar and are Bat Conservation International certified.

Your package will include all of the items listed below.

(2) Single Cell Bachelor pads
(2) Triple Cell Deluxe Nursery Units
(1) Five cell Super Condo Unit
(2) Sets of Back to Back Mounting Brackets
(1) Set of the Single pole Mounting Bracket
(3) Easy-up-Swivel Pole Mounting Brackets
Stain color of your choice.

When your order is shipped we will include a helpful topic sheet titled “Successful Bat Houses” and installation instruction for the pole mounting system.

We Pay All Shipping Charges for the 1,2,3,4,5 cell units and the Bat Shelter Complex shipped in the lower 48 states, except for these West coast states: WA., OR., and CA. Additional shipping will also be charged for locations outside the US as well as Canada. Please click on our Shipping Clarification page for information on additional charges for shipping your order, and ways you can save money on your shipping cost.

For more information see our Bat Shelter Complex page and the Construction Details on our website.

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