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Bat House Steel Pole Installation

Bat House Installation with Steel Pole

If you are looking at purchasing one or more of our bat houses, but don't have the time to install it / them, we do offer an installation service that will take that burden off your hands. We furnish all the pipe, coupling, pipe cap, concrete, equipment and labor (2 people) to install a 20' length of prefinished black 2 3/8" schedule 40 pipe for your new bat house mounting. For safety reason all installation require (2 people).

We will travel anywhere in MI. OHIO, IN, IL, WI, FL and beyond. R & B may apply to some installations that cannot be traveled and installed in one day's time (16hr).

Large quantity orders are welcome.

We offer a property inspection service to determine if your property is suitable for installation of bat houses, how many houses are needed, and the proper location for each pole placement prior to any purchase or installation. We stake out all areas of the property so there is no mistake in the placement of the poles. If you live within a 100 mile radius of our office in Hartland, MI. we will make an inspection of your property for a fee of $100.00. This fee is refundable back to you towards the cost of the installation so in all respect the inspection is FREE if we do the installation of your bat houses. Cost for the pole and installation depend solely on the job site conditions. If you live further then 100 miles from our office there is a one way travel fee of $.45 per mile over the first 100 miles for the inspection service. The mileage fee is non-refundable. All mileage fees are based on Google/Bing maps.

Once you have given us your approval for the installation and placed your order for the Bat House(s), Mounting Bracket(s) & the Easy-up-Bracket(s) we will supply all of the required materials & labor to make sure you receive a high quality installation of your pole and bat houses.

Materials Furnished

We will furnish all the pipe, coupling, pipe cap, concrete, equipment and labor (2 people) to install a 20' length of prefinished black 2 3/8" schedule 40 pipe for your new bat house installation.

Preparation and installation.

  1. The first thing that takes place to start generating your steel pole order is us purchasing the required pipe that we need: Two 10' sections 2 3/8"O.D. schedule 40 black plumber's pipe. We make sure that one of the 10' sections is threaded at both ends. The second section of pipe we have cut in half so we have two 5' sections of pipe. One section is threaded at both ends and the second section only needs to be factory threaded end at one end.

  2. The next step that is taken is the preparation of the pipe to receive a painted finish. We mechanically sand off the factory coating from the pipe to remove all of the drippings that are generally on one side of the pipe when it comes out of the factory. Once we have sanded the pipe down to a smooth finish we are ready for the painting process.

  3. Our first application is two coats of Rust-Oleum brown primer, and then we install two coats of Rust-Oleum flat black enamel paint. This gives the bat house pole a nice finished look and no worry about rust for many many years to come. The coupling and top cap are also finished with the same painting process.

    steel pole prep brown
    prime coats
    steel pole black
    finish coats

  4. Installation at the job site.

    auger the hole
    augering an 8" dia. hole 36" to 42" deep
    setting the pipe
    installing a 5' section of pipe with two 50# bags of post & pole concrete
    install easy-up bracket and bat house
    installing the Easy-up Bracket to the 5' section of steel pipe that is cemented in the ground and attaching the pole with the bat house to the Easy-up Bracket
    raising the completed unit
    all components put together and ready to raise in place

If you need further details about the steel pole installation call us at 810-602-4707 or fill out our bat house installation form. An installation quote will be provided to you once the installation questionnaire is submitted.

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Large Quantity installation Welcome

Just contact us for more information by emailing or calling 810-602-4707. A discount may apply on large orders.

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