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Single Cell
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Single Cell Deluxe Bachelor Pad
Holds Up To 100 Bats

The single cell or chamber BCI Approved bat house is designed for use by the male bat, as the male does not reside with the females once they have had the pups. Male bats are creatures of seclusion (loaners). This bat house is great for a back-to-back application on a pole. It has pre-drilled mounting holes at the top and bottom of the bat house for ease of mounting. Try to make a yearly inspection after the bats have left the house.

100% Cedar Construction 100%
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29"H 16"W 2.125"D14 lbs100

* Weights may very somewhat from printed weight.
** All capacities are approximate may not be actual.

All of our Bat House units can be installed in different applications with or without our mounting brackets. It is just so much easer when you use one of our custom made powder coated Mounting Brackets.

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