Reviews from customers who self-installed their 1 and 2 chamber bat houses.

Do you live in Michigan on a large parcel of land or in a subdivision or on your own private sanctuary in the South, North, East or West part of the US. No matter what state you live in or what size property you have, you still have the insect / mosquito problem. These are just a few examples of installations by every day people that have installed their 1 and 2 chamber bat houses after consulting with us about the best location for their new bat house installation. Proper "location is everything" when installing a bat house. Proper installation will help with pest control on a daily basis (or should I say, mightily).

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~ ~ ~~ Single Cell Self-Installed Bat Houses ~ ~ ~~

1 cell self-installed on pole

Single chamber painted dark brown pole mounting bracket.

Finally got the bat house up today. We love the quality of your work. We hope our bats will to.

Thanks Phil for stopping over to show us where the best location would be for us to install the bat house. Rich & Jen, Waterford, Mi.

single cell and triple cell mounted back to back

A Single cell & a Triple cell mounted on a back to back mounting bracket. Painted Dark Green, Copper Rfg., Easy-up-Bracket

Phil, I've received everything in good condition. The houses are beautiful, better than the pictures. I'm still working full time, rain forecast for entire weekend so completion date for project uncertain. I'll get you a picture with me proudly standing by my bat houses when finished. Thanks, David, Nashville, TN.

~ ~ ~ ~ 2 Cell Self-Installed Bat Houses~ ~ ~~

Double Cell Bat House, Natural Finish, Wall Bracket

Heather H. ordered a Double cell bat house with a natural finish. She is a very handy lady around the house so she said she would install the finish on the house herself. She also ordered a wall mounting bracket so she could install the bat house on the wall of her home. As you can see she also recruited some help for the project. We recently checked in with Heather to see how it was going and her response is below.

"Thanks Phil, this should work just fine to get the bats out of my home." Heather H. Eureka Springs, AR. 6/9/2013

"Hi Phil, Yes, the bats are no longer living in my ceiling. I presume they're happy with your work. Thank you for all your knowledge and encouragement. Watson dog is still helping with projects! All my best," Heather H. Eureka Springs, AR. 2/1/2021

double chamber bat house

Double Chamber, Painted Dark Green, Copper Roof, Wall Bracket

Hi Phil, The bat house looks great. I am glad I bought the wall bracket, it made the mounting pretty simple. Also love the copper roof. The bat landing area is about 13 feet off the ground and the top of the house is over 15 feet off the ground. There is about a 35-40 feet radius open area from the South wall/bat house to the woods. Here's hoping that they find it! Jim, Indianapolis, IN.

3 cell deluxe clubhouse installed on wall

2 Cell Deluxe Clubhouse on Wall

Mrs. W. is a Do-it yourself type of person, so she bought a Two Cell Deluxe Clubhouse, with a natural finish.

She painted it a dark brown and installed it on the wall of a structure in her yard so it gets full sun.

Notice the overhang of the roof, added protection from all the rain that they get in OR. You did a fine job Ann. Hillsboro, OR

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