Reviews from customers who self-installed their 3 chamber bat houses.

These are just a few examples of installations by people that have installed their 3 chamber bat house after we advised them about the best location for their new bat house.

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3 Cell Deluxe Custom Bat Houses on steel poles using Easy-Up Brackets

3 cell custom one inch cell deluxe bat house.

Mr. Robert H. from San Antonio contacted me about purchasing some Bat houses for the 1,300 arces of property that he owns near Big Ben National Park in Trilingual TX.

He purchased three easy-up-Brackets, three back to back brackets along with four Triple Cell & two Single Cell units. All of his Bat house were specially built with 1" chambers instead of 3/4". Colors used were Kidskin, Nut Shell, French Vanilla.

3 cell custom one inch cell deluxe bat house.

3 Chamber House, Kidskin Paint

3 Chamber House, Kidskin Paint

Phil: I received your awesome 3-chamber bat house and mounted it immediately. I made modifications to my existing brackets (forgot to take pictures) and it's solid as a rock. However, due to the 3-chamber configuration and heavier wood (and metal) this house is at least twice as heavy as my previous one (1-chamber). The pole was just not stiff enough to support the house's weight in the breeze, much less once occupied. I had to shorten each section of the telescoping pole by about a foot each, putting the house about 14-15' off the ground. This should still be just fine. Thanks again for your support and for the fine product. Jim W., Ponte Vedra Beach, Fl.

3 & 1 Chamber Self-Installed Bat Houses

1 Chamber Bat House
3 Chamber Bat House

We had an old bat house full of bats but it was of very poor construction. Phil with Bats Birds Yards rescued us by building us a beautiful well constructed 3 chamber replacement house.

The existing house fell apart and dropped to the ground the same day our new houses arrived. Phil educated us on bats and so we also purchased a 1 chamber bachelor pad for the male bats.

The solid construction, attention to detail, and mounting brackets made us feel confident that these homes will provide a safe environment for our mosquito eating friends for many years to come.

We installed the new houses in trees because our old house was on a tree and was home to about 50 bats, or so, till it fell to the ground. We only lost two bats when if fell. Thanks Phil for the great bat houses. Kathy K., Broken Bow, OK.

Two, 3 Chamber Houses Stained Black with Copper Roof.

two 3 cell bat houses mounted on  wall of house

Phil, the bat house project is complete and I thought I would leave a few comments regarding your company and qualities. I spent time reviewing different Web Site Bat house offerings. In the end I sure made the right decision. Your communications are immediate. You offered your opinion on the two colors I chose and my climate. You made a suggestion since and I immediately made the change. The quality of construction was apparent on your site and highly confirmed when I received the two houses. The houses are high quality and the copper top and trim really set them off. I have already had several very positive comments. Two minor items that were important to me and were obvious to you also. Last weekend I rented a 35' articulating lift to work on several high projects. I was concerned about delivery and you made it happen. Your high quality of packing was very obvious. You certainly pay attention to the small details. Your copper trim company name means you are very proud of your company and rightfully so. Don. A., Ravenna, OH.

3 Cell, Painted Black, Single Unit Pole Mounting Bracket, Easy-Up-Bracket

3 cell bat house on pole bracket

Hi Phil, Our bat house is up and awaiting occupants! Here's a photo you may use for your website. My 1-3rd grade students just loved studying bats. Our unit include a visit from the curator of mammals from the Field Museum of Natural History. The grand finale was helping to dig the hole and pour the concrete for the bat house pole. (Next fall we'll create a sign to explain its purpose.) Hope you're enjoying some nice weather. Best, Karen, Chiaravalle Montessori School, Evanston, Il.

3 Chamber. Natural finish. No brackets

bathouse on chimney

"I received the bat house the other day and have already stained it with a medium/dark water-based stain. I am very impressed with the quality of the house, the workmanship and attention to detail. If this house doesn't become inhabited it will be a true shame as any bat would be proud to call this home."

bathouse on chimney

"Even more so, I am impressed with the informational packet you included and the personalized letter on top of that. It is very nice to obtain a product that is not mass produced and have a creator behind it that cares about their work."

"Is there a place that I can leave a review for you? These days, internet reviews seem to be a significant factor in purchase decisions and being your product is not on a major website like Amazon I was curious if there is some other source of referral that would benefit your future sales. Chris G., Babylon, NY

3 Chamber, Painted Black, Copper Roofing, Mounting Bracket & Easy-Up-Bracket

3 cell bathouse on easy up bracket

"Hi Phil, Here is a photo of our new bat house located in a field of wildflowers and close to 2 creeks. We just love the bat house, great construction. The easy up bracket and mounting bracket made our job so very easy. Thank you again for a great product! "Stacey, Williston, VT.

3 Cell Deluxe Nursery Bat House on Light Pole

3 cell Deluxe Nursery bat house installed on Light Pole

Mr. M. S. Chose to purchase a Triple Cell Deluxe Nursery bat house and installed it on a light pole 20 ft. above ground level behind his workshop. It is painted black and faces southeast. Nice job Mr. S. Highland, MI

3 Chamber Nursery Bat House on Pole

3 Chamber Nursery bat house installed on Pole

Mrs. L.N. and family decided to purchase a Triple Chamber Nursery bat house painted black. They also knew why and where they would put the bat house up, so they bought a single pole mounting bracket to erect their new bat house on a pole in their back yard where that bat house would get full sun and the bats would have free flight. Nice clear open area for the bats. Great choice Mrs. N. Oakdale, MH

Three Chamber, Black Paint, Pole Bracket

3 chamber bat house on pole

"Hi Phil, We loved our experience with, the free shipping was great, the communication when we had questions was great, they are BCI certified and seem to really know what they are doing to make sure the bat house you put up is going to be beneficial and likely to be used. We have no bats yet but I feel very confident that we have the information we need to properly care for our bat house into the future with our BatsBirdsYards house. The instructions they included were great, although the easy up pole probably would have make our lives easier for mounting on a steel pole we installed. Can't wait to see if we have any visitors for next summer! Thanks", Kate & Andrew, Westerville, Ohio

3 Cell Bat House on Pole

3 cell bat house installed on Pole

Mr. K. is a custom home builder. Ever since he built his own personal home in South Lyon he has had an issue with bats wanting to take up residence in his house during and after construction. The property has a nice large pond at the edge of a most gracious landscaped yard, which makes for a perfect setting for bat habitat.

Mr. K. purchased a Three Cell unfinished bat house and painted it black. He had a pretty good idea where he wanted his bat house, but not sure. So after a conversation with us, he made his final decision on a location and how he would install his new bat house. The bat house faces due South for full sun exposure.

Within 4 weeks of Mr. K. installing a bat exclusion unit on his home, and installing the bat house, we received an email from Mr. K. that the bats have a new zip code and have taken up residency in the new bat house. Looks like you made a great choice for the location of your bat house. Nice job Mr. K. South Lyon, MI

green bat house on wall

3 Chamber Bat Houses with Wall Mounting Bracket. Single Chamber on Wood Post

"I hung the new three chamber bat house today using the building brackets that you recommended. The brackets are very simple, sturdy and made the installation much easier. I like how the brackets keep the bat house away from the house and they look good too. I have attached photos of the new 3-chamber and the single chamber that I put on a pole a couple of weeks ago. At the moment, I have one little brown bat who is living in the single chamber. Thanks again." Greg, Morrisville, NC

Double Three Chamber Bat house Installation on steel pole

Mrs. M. from New York state purchased (2) Three chamber bat houses painted black, with copper roof. She also purchased our Back-to-Back mounting bracket and our new Easy-Up Swivel Pole Bracket. She had them installed at her vacation home in NC.

single cell and triple cell mounted back to back

A Single cell & a Triple cell mounted on a back to back mounting bracket

Painted Dark Green, Copper Rfg., Easy-up-Bracket

Phil, I've received everything in good condition. The houses are beautiful, better than the pictures. I'm still working full time, rain forecast for entire weekend so completion date for project uncertain. I'll get you a picture with me proudly standing by my bat houses when finished. Thanks, David, Nashville, TN.

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