Lifetime Warranty

Our Lifetime Warranty covers specific items for the entire collection of the Merlin Tuttle's Bat Conservation (MTBC) & Bat Conservation International (BCI) certified cedar bat house series.

We will replace the cedar bat house that you have purchased with a new unit of like profile under our Lifetime Warranty if for any reason your cedar bat house should fail (A) items covered.

The Lifetime Warranty is covered for a period of 15 years from the date of manufacturing. The manufacturing date is stamped on the outside edge of the front wall panel. is the only cedar bat house manufacturer as far as we know that handcrafts each bat house as the order is received. This way you can be assured of a high quality hand crafted cedar product built by a skilled craftsman.

It may take us a couple days more to ship our hand crafted product but the wait is more then worth it. Our high quality cedar bat house is made to last a lifetime, that is why we can offer a lifetime warranty.

We are the only manufacturer of a bat house product that offers a Metal Roof and Metal Back panel. Along with our Five Notch Design System you can be assured that you have purchased a high quality cedar product that will last a lifetime.

A. Items Covered

  1. Failure of overall construction.
  2. Metal roof rusting out.
  3. Metal back panel rusting out.
  4. Fasteners failure.
  5. Water tight construction.
  6. Draft free construction.

B. Items Not Covered

  1. Deterioration of stain or paint finish.
  2. Cracks within the wood structure.
  3. Neglect of maintenance.
  4. Damage caused by human abuse or the acts of Mother Nature.
  5. Rusting of rear panel area at predrilled holes.

Consumer Responsibility

Consumer to pay all freight and handling charges to return the original purchased product to and for the shipping and handling of the replacement product.

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