Bat House Construction Issues to Avoid

Black = Negative Construction items to avoid.
Green = Positive construction designs.

1. Bat houses that are made out of a non-exterior grade of wood.

All of our MTBC (Merlin Tuttle's Bat Conservation) & BCI (Bat Conservation International) approved bat boxes are made out of rough sawn northern cedar which withstands the weather elements with little to no yearly maintenance.

2. Constructed from lumber that is less than 1/2 inch in thickness.

Our bat house boxes are constructed with 13/16 inch rough sawn northern cedar.

3. Constructed with finish nails or staples.

All of our bat house boxes are constructed with a 50 year adhesive and #8 x 1 1/2" Trim Head Screws with an all weather coating.

4. Bat houses that are made too small.

All of our 5 model have been upgrade to be constructed as per the construction guidelines of MTBC.

5. A large number of the bat house units in the marketplace do not take into consideration a draft free constructed unit.

All of our bat house boxes are designed with the FIVE NOTCH SYSTEM to ensure a water tight, draft free construction.

6. Some of the bat house manufactures use a fiberglass or wire mesh for the bats to cling to. That is old technology and can harm the bats.

All of our bat boxes are designed with grooved pattern saw cuts on "all sides" of the interior surface of the lumber, we only use rough sawn cedar lumber for our construction. No plywood or pine is used in our construction. (BatsBirdsYard construction)

7. A roof on "your home" keeps you dry and so it is with a bat house. Some units have only wood for a roof, some have a shingle.

Our MTBC / BCI certified bat houses/boxes all have a metal roof, either Penny Brite metal or Copper.

8. Most backsides of a bat house are constructed from some sort of wood.

All of our bat house boxes are constructed with wood attached to an exterior metal surface with a factory paint finish applied to the metal.

9. Some bat house are suspended by a wire or a single bracket of some sort. A bat house needs to be securely affixed so it does not swing in the wind.

All of our bat houses have four (4) predrilled holes for 100% secured mounting.

10. Some bat houses come painted. What are they painted with? Oil based paint or stain is toxic to bats.

All of our units come natural. If you want a bat house with an exterior finish we will install a non-toxic water base stain or an acrylic paint formulated for exterior use. The finish is only applied to the outer surface.

A word of wisdom. You only get what "you pay for" and most of the time you don't even get that.

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