When to Install a Bat House

You can install a bat house during any time of the year no matter what your geographical location may be.

However the Autumn, Winter, and Spring seasons are the ideal time of the year to prepare for the returning bats that have been in hibernation locally, or for the ones that have migrated back home for the summer season from their warm winter vacation retreat.

If you install a bat house during the time of hibernation and or migration, you will have two things in place when late spring and summer roll around:

  1. Installing a bat house during the off-season gives the house a chance to weather and draw out the strong cedar odor within the wood, which in some cases can discourage bats from taking up residency for a short period during the hot summer months. In general Cedar is one of the best materials to create any product that will be outside in the weather. The odor will dissipate naturally within a few weeks once placed out-of-doors and the bats will have a new residence.
  2. You will have your bat house established in an area relevant to the area of their previous residency of the past years. This increases the chance of the returning bats filing for a new zip code.

If you intend to use a bat exclusion service (Michigan Bat Control, Bat Specialists of Michigan, or The Bat Pro) you must wait until the bats come out of their hibernation mode. This way they can evacuate your premises under their own will and hopefully relocate at your newly placed bat house purchased from BatsBirdYard.com.

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