When to Install a Bat House

You can install your bat houses at any time of the year or we can install them for you. Installation in fall or winter allows plenty of time for any odors to dissipate and ensures houses are ready when bats return from winter destinations in search of summer housing. However, spring & summer installations are very acceptable. The northern white cedar that we use does not have the strong order as western red cedar.

Many bat houses attract a few bats within the first 12 to 18 months. A few houses attract full occupancy in just weeks. One of our customers in Florida attracted bats in just three weeks; another client had bats in four of the six houses that he installed in the first month. Some houses, especially those mounted without additional house options nearby, may take years to attract bats.

If you intend to use a bat exclusion service (Michigan Bat Control, Bat Specialists of Michigan, or The Bat Pro) you must wait until the bats come out of their hibernation mode and all pups are able to leave on their own accord. This way they can evacuate your premises under their own will and hopefully relocate at your newly placed bat houses purchased from BatsBirdYard.com.

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