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Door Knockers

Our horseshoe door knocker was created to say welcome to your guest and to bestow good luck on your home. It is created and handcrafted from recycled horseshoes. We have designed this unit with two, small but heavy duty steel hinges welded to the shoes so it functions with ease. There are two pre drilled holes within the rear unit for mounting to the door. The door knocker unit is sand blasted prior to installing the powder coat finish.

Door knocker comes in two colors.
Flat Black - Sun Gold
Options: With or without real horseshoe nails.

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We donate a portion of our sales to the "USO"

Coat Hooks

Our horseshoe coat hooks are created and handcrafted from recycled horseshoes. All coat hooks have two predrilled holes, one hole on each side of the shoe for easy mounting to a wall surface or a wood plaque. Each horseshoe goes through a thorough cleaning process prior to the final steps of sand blasting and a powder coat finish.

Coat hooks only come in Flat Black Powder Coat finish.
Options : With or without real horseshoe nails. See Photo

Single Hook Unit.
The Single Hook units can be used as a Coat Hook, Hat Hook, Towel Hook, Curtain Rod Holder or a Tack Hook in the barn and countless other uses. Let your imagination run wild with creativity.

Plaque is not included and is only for display purposes

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Hat Hooks

Our Horseshoe Hat Hooks are all designed with the cowboy hat in mind. They are handcrafted from recycled horseshoes in such a manner when it come's time for that long day to end and you hang up your hat we make it easy for your hat to rest for the night on a curved surface that will not distort the shape. Ready to grab on your way out the door at day break. All handcrafted horseshoe hat hooks have a powder coat finish on them.

Hat hooks only come in flat black finish. Options: With or without horseshoe nails. Choose the color knob you want: Black - Red - White - Blue

Arch Hat Hook:

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Testimony: Phil, I thought I would show you what the Hat Hooks look like installed, We LOVE them Thanks, Mark, Winchester, IL.

hats hanging on hat hooks

Knob Hill Hat Hook:

Options: Choose the color knob you want. Black - Red - White - Blue

Testimony: These are great. You should market them more widely. The horse racing set here in the uk would love them I think for helmets. Absolute genius. Not easy to find something that holds a hat or helmet. Thanks again. Edward, London, United Kingdom

hat on hat hook

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All of our Horseshoe Bookends are created out of used horse shoes recycled horseshoes with a 12 ga. upright steel plate welded to the bottom shoe so you can slip your first book over the support. The book will stay in place even if you only have one book being held in place. The bottoms of the shoes and the back side of the upright shoe have felt pads on them so to not damage the book or your furniture. All horseshoe bookends are finished with a powder coat finish for lasting durability.

The Horseshoe Bookends are ideal for the individual that wants to show off his books in a unique style. They also make Great Trophies for the local pub horseshoe tournament or for those summer horseshoe tournaments.

First Place - Gold Set - Double Ringer
Second Place - Copper Tone Set - Single Ringer
Third Place - Black Set - Close Shot

Horseshoe Bookends come in two colors: flat black or sun gold.

Special colors available upon request at an additional charge. We can also custom engrave a brass plate for you and mount it to the base shoe, for those trophy sets or special gifts. Can be ordered in sets or individually.

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Business Card Holders

Business Card holders are hand crafted from new horseshoes and have a powder coat finish for an appealing appearance and durability. The bottom side of the shoe has four felt pads so they will not mar the counter surface. They come in three colors: Flat Black, Zesty Copper and Sun Gold. They will hold 80 standard size business cards, unlike most card holders that may hold 30 or 40. You will have the option to order them without horseshoe nails or with genuine horseshoe nails set in the shoe.

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Our horseshoe ashtrays are created and hand crafted from recycled aluminum horseshoes. Thoroughly cleaned, sanitized, then hand buffed.

They have four predrilled holes in the unit with adjustable legs for that uneven surface area. All legs have a cork pad on the bottom side of them so the ashtray unit will not mar your furniture surface.

Options : With or without horseshoe nails.
Natural Buffed Aluminum Finish:

Round Ashtray:

Octagon Ashtray (rare vintage shape)

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Tack Hooks

All Horseshoe tack hooks are handcrafted from recycled horseshoes. Thoroughly cleaned and sanitized in a solution then submerged in an additional solution to help simulate the corrosion process. Once the horseshoes have gone thru the cleaning process we allow them to weather naturally in such a manner that they obtain a slight red oxidized tone or used look that we are looking to achieve before we apply three coats of clear urethane on them. Each horseshoe has two predrilled holes for easy mounting..

Ideal for hanging bridle in a barn or maybe you would like to use them for another application. Let your mind be your guide.

We show a group picture of various tack hooks. When you place an order we will send you what ever profile that we have available. There are just too many shapes and sizes for us to list then separately within the website.

You can order them by size. Small - Medium - Large

Horseshoe Tack Hooks

Horseshoe Tack Hooks

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