Handmade Horseshoe Decor

All of our horseshoe art work is handcrafted from previously used horseshoes that we have obtained from our personal farrier and other farriers. We recycle them into creative art work. Along with the use of used shoes we also incorporate the use of new shoes, as need be.

All of the horseshoes are thoroughly prepared by hand and machine to insure a cleansed product prior to creating the handcrafted decorative art designs. By using recycled and new horseshoes we have created a unique individual appearance for each horseshoe item which creates a conversation piece of its own. Once they are all welded together we then send them out to be sand blasted and powder coated with a black durable heat treated finish.

Tack Hooks

All Horseshoe tack hooks are handcrafted from recycled horseshoes. Thoroughly cleaned and sanitized in a solution then submerged in an additional solution to help simulate the corrosion process. Once the horseshoes have gone thru the cleaning process we allow them to weather naturally in such a manner that they obtain a slight red oxidized tone or used look that we are looking to achieve before we apply three coats of clear urethane on them. Each horseshoe has two predrilled holes for easy mounting.

Ideal for hanging bridle in a barn or maybe you would like to use them for another application. Let your mind be your guide.

We show a group picture of various tack hooks. When you place an order we will send you what ever profile that we have available. There are just too many shapes and sizes for us to list then separately within the website.

You can order them by size. Small - Medium - Large

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