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Heat Index Chart

Recommended paint or stain shades according to geographic areas that have an average high temperature of 85° or higher in July:

Heat Index

Years of research studies (12) by Bat Conservation International (BCI) have shown that bat houses are 92% more successful at attracting bats if they are painted or stained.

Painting or staining helps provide the proper internal temperature for bats and also increases the life span of the bat house.

Appropriate color depends upon geographic location and amount of sun exposure. At least 6 to 8 hours of direct daily sun are recommended for all bat houses where the daily high temperatures in July average less than 100° F.

Bat Houses where high temperatures in July average 80° or less should receive as much sunlight as possible, 8 to 12 hours if possible.

Adjust to darker colors for less sun. Select a Color

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