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Gun Rack Customer Reviews

"Hi Phil. The horseshoe for our gun rack worked out just great for our 3030 Winchester. Simply a very easy mounting, just a couple of wood screws, each, after some minor measurements and a near perfect mounting! Thank You. K.K., Broken Arrow, OK, 9-08-20

3030 Winchester on Horseshoe Gun Rack

"Black powder rifle with my fathers own gold inlays on both sides. With powder horns. We love it! Thank you so much. Such a special gift for my father who spent years hunting and mountain man rendezvous but now is ridden with dementia." J. P., Washington, UT, 12-15-21

Gun Rack with Black Powder Rifle

"Hi Phil, Here is a picture of the gun rack that we bought from your company. It looks great in our new rustic log cabin. My husband, Gary, loves it! Many, many thanks again!" J, Blairsville, Ga. 2-10-16

Gun Rack on Pine boards

"Mr. Brodak, Here is a picture of the mounted gun that I needed the horseshoes for. The gun is not a real one - just decorative KY/PA Long Rifle. The mounting board is cedar with three coats of clear coat. It is going to be a gift for an Army Colonel that is getting promoted to Brigade General. Thanks for your prompt and quick shipment. Your horse shoes are exactly what I needed for the project." Bill W., Hudson,KY. 9-8-16

Gun Rack for Kentucky Long rifle

"Hi Phil, I am so excited! Guess what I just got? I opened the box and am even more pleased with the product than I was when I ordered it - if that is even possible! They are just perfect! Thank you so much for being such a great company to deal with. Once we have them installed and the replica War of 1812 gun in place I will send photos your way. We installed the shoes directly to our pine wall board. The way you designed the shoes we could place them any were we wanted them. Thank you so much." Shelley, ON., Canada.

Horseshoe Gun Rack on wall

"Hi Phil. I'm glad you liked the pictures. Both of the guns shown in the pictures have a lot of sentimental value for me. The rifle at the top of the pictures is the last gun my father bought. It's a 22 cal. bolt action/clip fed Glenfield Mod. 25 made in 1973 by the Marlin Firearms Co. The lower gun is the first gun that my grandfather bought. It's a Lefever Nitro Special sxs 16 gauge duel trigger shotgun made by the Lefever Firearms Co. in 1928. Both are in excellent working condition. The horseshoe gun racks and coat hook fit perfectly in my man cave which features some of the outdoor activities I've involved myself in for most of my life; including dogs, guns, fishing and boating. I've collected a number of art items for my room featuring hunt scenes of hounds and horses. The horseshoes work perfectly. I'm glad I found your web site. You probably haven't heard the last of me. Thanks for all your interest." Dan, Mechanicsburg, PA. 9-2-16

Gun Rack on wall

Phil to Mrs. D.: When I received your order, your last name rang a bell, so I did a little research and found an order from December 2013 for a Gun Rack that you had ordered. We always like to see satisfied return customers.

"Hi Phil, It was so nice to be remembered. I ordered these for my aunt & uncle. My uncle built my aunt a cabin & they asked me to order them another set. The quality is outstanding. I found your website last yr by googling horseshoe gun rack. I liked your site, a lot of unique items. Thank you so much and have a beautiful day."
Mrs. D., Elkhart, IN. 11/10/14

"Hello Phil, Thanks for the order update. I found your site by goggle searching "Images" Horseshoe Gun Rack. I clicked on your site based on the picture that popped up. I did search a few other sites, but your horseshoe hooks were far and away the nicest."

"We will be mounting an old, English Muzzle Loader Shotgun, circa 1820 that I purchased from the antique shop here in Genoa. It doesn't work, but has a ton of character! Looking forward to getting my order."

"The horse shoe hooks arrived, and they are 'perfect'. Thought you might like to see the finished project.

The slab of wood is Elm 1 1/2 inch thick with four coats of semi-gloss polyurethane for a finish. We purchased it from a localtree service in Gardnerville."
Andree. Genoa, NV. April 24, 2015

Horseshoe Gun Rack

I saw a gun rack in a Cracker Barrel but they did not sell them, so I just did a Google search and your site was at the top or near the top. I liked yours the best because the felt pads that could be positioned where needed and they matched the iron look unlike some that use a different color. Thank you, Jackie P. Troutville, VA. 3/8/15.

Other Uses for Horseshoe Gun Racks

"We didn’t mount a gun, but your mounts are perfect for my wife’s custom staff. We mounted it using drywall anchors. Hope the picture does the arrangement justice. My wife is very pleased with the outcome and your service was excellent! Thanks again for delivering such a fine product." Jim & Sandie, Jacksonville, FL.

Horseshoe Gun Rack used with a staff

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