Bat House Reviews from our Customers

Our Customer Review page was created to assure potential customers that you are purchasing a high quality handcrafted bat house, "Made in America" with pride. The comments you see listed below are just a few of our many email responses that we receive on a daily basics from our satisfied customers.

Single Cell Bat House Reviews

Single Cell, Stained Black, Copper Roof, Engraved

My parents called to confirm they received the bat house this morning. They are absolutely ecstatic about the bat house. Thanks for such a wonderful product. Mr. H., Monroe, MI.

Single Chamber - Stained Dark Green, Penny Brite Roof

"Hi BBY, I bought one of your single chamber houses last year and installed it ignoring the installation advice. I put it on a tree and it sat dormant for one year. Last week, I put in the effort and moved the house to a dedicated pole and followed your directions carefully and within one week, I have bats in the house. I also want to share that the care and craftsmanship put into the bat house is worth every penny - the house looks as good after one year as it did the day it arrived. I was reminded just how well it was build while moving it. Anyway, thanks again - keep up the good work. I am upset with myself for not doing the research upfront. I assumed the single chamber just meant fewer bats. So I am interested in getting another house. Should I get the three chamber?" Greg K. Morrisville NC.

Double Cell Bat House Reviews

Double Cell, Painted Black, Copper Roof

I have 25 years experience with bat houses. Needed a replacement, and your houses had the most features and benefits that I was looking for. The health and well-being of the bats is most important to me along with the craftmanship of the house. Nathan B. Lowman, NY.

Double Chamber - Painted Dark Green - Pole bracket

"Dear Phil and the folks at Bats Birds Yard: Just want to say "THANK YOU!" for the wonderful bat house you installed recently in our yard. I enjoy the quality workmanship, from the construction to the paint job, and you made the purchasing and installing process so simple. It was a pleasure to work with you and your crew - I appreciate your promptness, reliability, and courtesy! We are looking forward to years of enjoyment and viewing of our back yard friends now that they have such a fine home! Thank you again," The LaFontaines, Fenton, MI

Double Chamber Club House - Painted Dark Gray - Copper Roof

"Hi Phil! I am very excited about the bat house and thanks for the note about the mounting bracket. This is a gift so I am not quite sure how or where they will install it, but we will be coming back to your site for more info in the new year. I would be happy to give you more info on how I came to your site: I quickly realized that I needed a BCI approved house and found the list of approved vendors on the batcon website. Since there were a few, I decided to try to find someone geographically similar, or as close as I could get. I almost went with one from Habitat for Bats out of Georgia, but I really liked the look and features of your bat house the best. I love that I could get a grey paint color, the copper roof and the lifetime warranty. It sounded like the reviews were excellent so, even though it came out to a little more, i felt like I was going to be getting a little more too! Looking forward to this experience and hope to have one for my own yard next year! Jenny A, Winchester KY."

Double Chamber Deluxe Clubhouse. Redwood Stain. Copper roof

Q: What was the reason you placed an order with
"I looked at many bat house designs and your was what I was looking for. Functional, had a good article with it, proven success record and the design looked like something I could be proud of to have in my backyard." Margarita S., Corrales, NM.

Double Cell Deluxe Club House

"Phil -- wow, thanks so much for the outstanding service. I will send pictures...and will also spread the word. Best Regards, Art, Skaneateles, NY.

Triple Cell Bat House Reviews

Triple cell, no paint or stain or brackets, just a bat house

"The bat house is amazing man! Thanks, great work! Thanks again." Mr. P. in Columbus, Ohio

Triple Cell. No Finish or Brackets

The house arrived early Saturday morning in excellent shape and I'm very impressed by the build quality. Being an engineer and hobbyist woodworker, I appreciate the excellent wood products you use and your attention to construction details. I was very impressed by the completeness of the accompanying documentation - most companies these days simply send the product without any support included. I very much support companies that ask for feedback from their customers. I have included my answers for your review. Thank you, Hap M. Montville. NJ.

Triple Cell Unit. Natural finish.

"I received the bat house that you sent and I have to say that I'm very impressed with the build quality and appearance. It's so attractive that I really hate to paint it and put it outside up in the air. But this is its purpose and paint it, I must." Bill O. Evansville, IN.

Three Chamber. Natural finish.

"Hi, I believe I found your site through the addresses given on the bat conservancy website. I looked at so many sites including places such as Amazon, Etsy, eBay but decided on you because of the quality and that you have a nursery in your bat house. This is a gift and I wish our first bat house would have been this nice. Good luck, thanks for doing this important work!" Pam, Chestertown, MD.

Triple Chamber painted Dark Brown

"Dear Phil & Diane, I just wanted to let you know that my husband was absolutely totally thrilled beyond words when he opened his bat house. "It's gorgeous," he exclaimed. I'm sure he'll be reaching out to you in the coming months with questions and probably another order! Many thanks for your attention to detail. Sincerely," Terri & Josh, Buffalo Creek, CO

3 Chamber Painted Black, Pole Bracket, Easy-up Bracket

"I found you through I was doing research on my phone. I've been looking into a bat house since last summer. After looking at a few of the other websites listed I decided on buying one from your store. I liked how your site had a ton of information on it. Also, I liked how you don't use a mesh on the landing pad, the metal roof and backing, and the easy up and down bracket. I'm really excited to get this up and ready! I hope we get some bats this summer! Take care!" Danielle, Bellingham, MA

Triple Cell - Copper Roof

"I received the bat house the other day and have already stained it with a medium/dark water-based stain. I am very impressed with the quality of the house, the workmanship and attention to detail. If this house doesn't become inhabited it will be a true shame as any bat would be proud to call this home. Even more so, I am impressed with the informational packet you included and the personalized letter on top of that. It is very nice to obtain a product that is not mass produced and have a creator behind it that cares about their work. Thank you," Chris, Babylon, NY.

3 Chamber - Painted Black - Copper Roof - Pole Bracket

"Phil, I received the bathouse and I just wanted to say it looks really nice! Head and shoulders above all of the bathouses I've seen locally at garden stores, and better than it looks in the pictures too. I hope some bats appreciate it and move in soon! Thanks," Greg Lincoln, MA.

Triple Cell Deluxe Nursery - Natural Wood - Copper Roof

"I love my new bat house!! Its sturdy building quality and easy to follow instructions makes it easy to install and to recommend to friends and family. Your information helped me learn so much about these incredible little creatures and Phil Brodak has answered so many of my questions in such a prompt fashion, I will never look elsewhere for my back yard needs. This was the best anniversary gift my husband and I could have given ourselves." Lisa and Carl Todd Fort Worth, Texas

Three Chamber, Painted Black, Single Unit Bracket, Easy Up

"I've been researching bats on and off all summer knowing that I would need to do something before winter. I know that I was looking for BCI approved houses and the site that eventually led me to you listed vendors who made BCI approved houses, and the vendors were listed by state. There was nothing listed for Minnesota, so I just started clicking on nearby states. I was looking for a house that came completely assembled and painted. I checked out perhaps 6 vendors and chose you guys because I liked the metal roof and back and your 92% occupancy rate caught my eye - plus I like that you also sold mounting brackets and the easy up bracket seemed really clever and a good idea - I'm not real big on climbing ladders anymore."

"This has become quite an interesting project - I'm learning a ton about bats and it's been fun meeting you and Mike and the bat people over at the DNR. I may turn into a bat woman! Thanks Phil for all your help." Anita, Bloomington, MN.

Three Chamber Bat House - Dark Green Stain - Copper Roof - Wall Mounting Bracket

"Hi Phil, The bat house arrived on Friday and it's fantastic. The quality and value of the bat houses that you build is amazing to me - the cedar wood with the copper roofing will last for years and looks great too. I hung the new three chamber bat house today using the wall mounting building brackets that you recommended. The brackets are very simple, sturdy and made the installation much easier. I like how the brackets keeps the bat house away from the house and they look good too." Thanks again. Greg, Morrisville, NC

Three cell natural cedar finish. Copper Roof. Steel Pole Single unit mounting bracket

"Very well built bat house. Built to with stand anything mother nature is willing to throw at it. I like the reinforced steel back. I highly recommend this bat house!" Scott K., Omro, WI

Triple Chamber - Stained Black - Copper Roof - Pole bracket

"Thanks Phil Brodak for the great bat house. Having looked for bat houses at many websites over the years I knew the search was over when I found recommended by BCI. Thanks also for the valuable suggestions when I called about possibly having the bat house installed. 5 stars for the quality of the materials used, the workmanship, the attention to details and finally the expertise of the installation." Mr. Tom B., Caro, MI

3 Cell Bat House- Painted Black - Pole Bracket

"Hi Phil, Just wanted to let you know the bat house has arrived! Thank you! It looks great, and really well-made. Thanks for the instructions for putting up the pole too. I'm looking forward to getting it up within the next few weeks and waiting for the bats to find their new home (although I know that may take a year or two)!" Leda, Oakdale MN

Three Chamber Bat House painted Brown

"Good afternoon Phil, Just FYI, I received the bat house today. The house definitely exceeds expectations! Outstanding!" Keith, Lima, Ohio

Triple Chamber - Painted Black - Pole Bracket

"I love my new bat house and appreciate the quick response to install it. I am impressed by the quality
of the materials and construction. Thank you Phil Brodak for delivery of a great home for our bats in
our back yard." Mrs. C.A., Lansing, MI

Four Cell Bat House Reviews

4 Chamber - Painted Dark Green - Copper Roof - Post/Pole Bracket

"Hi Phil, Thank you so much for your help Phil! I'm looking forward to learning more about bats and how to take good care of them. No rush Phil. I understand how busy things can get. I wish we lived closer to you, would enjoy meeting you and paying you to install the Bat House. Thank you for taking such good care of your customers.

Once we get things going and the Bat House installed I'll give you a call or even send a couple of pictures. Thank you Phil. I appreciate your craftsmanship and love of the outdoors. You can sure see this on your web site and hear it in your voice. Sincerely," Mr. James H., Strafford, MH.

"Hi Phil, My brother Mark said you did a great job building the Bat House. He is impressed with your attention to detail and the house being so well built. Thanks Phil." Mr. James H., Strafford, NH

Five Cell Bat House Reviews

Five Chamber Bat House - Painted Black - Copper Roof - Wall Mounting Bracket

"Dear Phil,I recently ordered a 5-chamber bat house. It is beautiful, by the way, and it looks sturdy and very well made!. Best regards, Dorothy O, Andover, MA.

5 chamber - painted Black - copper roof

"Phil, The Bat House has arrived safe and sound. It looks and feels more magnificent than I had anticipated it to be! Well done. Thanks again!" Greg, Preston, ID.

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