Custom Bat House Installation Service - Flush Mount

General Installation Information for Flush Mount Install

Bat house(s) and mounting brackets (if required) must be purchased separately from us and are not included in the installation fees. We will only install a bat house made by another manufacturer if we are also installing one or more of OUR bat houses along with the house you already own. Any required structural support will also be at an additional cost. Installation fees are based on location (distance to travel) and the height of the unit.

For safety reasons, all installations require two people. All mileage is calculated using Google/Bing Maps from our office in Hartland, Michigan to the job address.

If we need to come out and make an inspection of the installation area there will be a $100.00 inspection fee plus travel charge over the "100 mile radius" from our office. Also see the article The Best Time of Year to Install a Bat House.

Bat House Installation in Michigan - Within 100 Mile Radius of Hartland, Michigan

We can provide a bat house installation (on an existing flat structure) for you within a 100 mile radius of Hartland, Michigan, for a minimum service charge of $325.00. For safety reasons all installations require two people. The installation rate of $325.00 only applies to a flush mount installation of a Single or Double cell bat house that will be mounted directly to a flat structure surface.

If Mounting brackets are required there will be an additional cost for the bracket system. If you want the 3, 4 or 5 cell unit installed, the cost will be $380.00 plus $75.00 for the bracket installation, plus the cost of the bracket as long as the installed height is not above 15 feet. Any required structural support will be at an additional cost. Bat house and mounting brackets must be purchased separately from us on our website.

Bat House Installation Outside 100 Mile Radius of Hartland, Michigan

We can also custom install your bat house out of state. If you are located further than 100 miles from our location in Hartland, Michigan, or live in another state such as Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, or Florida and all points in between, there is a travel charge of $0.90 per mile one way (after the first 100 miles) plus a minimum charge of $325.00 labor. Room and Board may apply. Price may vary depending on our site review and the installation process.

Pole Installation

easy-up bracket
Attaching a steel pole to our Easy-Up Bracket

We can also do a complete pole installation package for you on a solid soil surface which includes a 20' length of schedule 40 black pipe 2-3/8" OD and fittings, set in concrete.

You can find out more on our pole installation HERE. If you need further details about the steel pole installation call us at 810-602-4707 or fill out our bat house installation form. An installation quote will be provided to you once the installation questionnaire is submitted.

  * Special QUANTITY ORDERS *   

We welcome quantity orders as well as individual orders. We will travel anywhere in the lower 48. Just contact us for more information by emailing or calling 810-602-4707. A discount may apply on large orders.

Also see photos of Bat Houses we have installed and Customer Reviews

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