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Cedar Bat House Construction

Our bat houses are certified by MTBC (Merlin Tuttle's Bat Conservation) and BCI (BAT CONSERVATION INTERNATIONAL), are hand crafted in the USA from northern white cedar, one unit at a time. They are not assembly line constructed. We also offer Custom Built Bat Houses built to your requirements.

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Why We Use Cedar?

We use cedar because it does not warp or split as other types of wood do, plywood will delaminate over time. It also holds up to the weather elements much longer.

You will see in the photo shown below a three chamber bat house. All of the chambers from the two chamber all the way up to the five chamber are designed with each chamber spaced 3/4" to help discourage or eliminate the Mud Dauber Wasp from building nests on the inside of the house. It also helps in the retention of the summer heat difference achieved between each chamber.

bat house landing pad
5 Cell Bat House
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All chamber walls are rough sawn cedar and saw cut with groves 1/8" apart from the top to the bottom on both sides of each chamber so the bats can grasp onto a solid surface without harm from wire cloth or fabric that has worn out.

We do not install fabric or wire cloth as some other manufacturers do. Over time, the wire cloth or fabric will wear out and fray and can cause harm to the bats, then you end up with an empty bat house (what a waste of money).

Air Ventilation

Vented cells are installed at the top of each chamber wall for added air circulation. This also allows the bats to move from chamber to chamber within the bat house to find the desired temperature for their individual needs.

Landing Pad Area New Design

We have revised our design of the landing pad area so it has a 4.75"H x 14.5"W with an "unobstructed" landing area. All units have an additional 3 inches on the inside of the house so the bats can land free of predator attacks (owls). Total area of the landing pad is 7 3/4"H. The 4 & 5 cell units are the same height but they have a wider width of 17". As far as we know, we are the ONLY bat house manufacturer that offers this design. A lot of manufacturers do not have a landing pad area which is an absolute requirement for the bats. In addition, we do not use any fabric or wire cloth at this area of the bat house or any where else for fear of harm to the bats. Approved by Merlin Tuttle.

Mounting Holes

Our Cedar Bat houses are designed with two pre-drilled holes at the top and two at the bottom for flush or projected mounting. The mounting holes are designed so they can be used with any of our mounting brackets without any adaptation on your part. Just bolt the bracket to the house and your fixed object of choice.

Instructions and Lifetime Warranty

Bat houses are shipped with an instruction booklet titled The Bat House Owners Manual published by BCI (Bat Conservation International). View our BCI Certification letter. All of our Bat Houses have a Lifetime Warranty.

The Five Notch System

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1. Inside Chamber Construction


All inside chamber partitions are set into a slot on the inside of the side walls then caulked and nailed in place so they can't move around or fall out.

2. Face Construction


All outside corners are constructed with a rabbet joint design. They are caulked and screwed with non corrosive brass plated finish screws for a watertight construction and neat appearance on the face.

3. Lifetime Metal Roof


Our unique 24 gauge pre finished METAL roof is a watertight design set in a grooved out joint on the rear panel. The metal provides additional heat transmission and proper water drainage. The slick surface of the metal roof provides added "predator prevention". The wooden roof substructure beneath the metal roof is set in caulking then set in a grooved out joint within the rear wood panel. This makes for a water tight construction of the roof and no need for exposed caulking.

4. Grooved Interior Chambers

back panel

All interior chambers are saw cut with grooves 1/8" apart on the front and rear side of each chamber. This makes it easy for the bats to climb around from chamber to chamber.

5. Lifetime Rear Metal Panel Construction

inner chamber of bat house showing grooves

The back side of the bat house is designed with a 24 gauge metal panel construction which is unique to bat house design. The one-piece design of factory finished 24 Gauge sheet metal has the rough sawn "grooved" cedar laminated to the interior side of the back panel. This design allows for greater longevity of the bat house. Bats require heat during their slumber hours and this design gives them that added comfort. See the BCI (Bat Conservation International) Heat Index Chart for more information.

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