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Have you been going crazy searching the Internet and stores for the best bat house to buy, and come to the conclusion that you are now more confused then ever before? That is what happens every day to so many people when searching for bat houses on the Internet and in stores.

There are far too many 2nd and/or 3rd party "sellers" of bat houses, and a lot of conflicting stories, that are misleading, or just not true, about the individual quality of the product.

Hear what an expert in the field has to say!

If you want to talk to someone about a question that you have, you will find that most resellers have very little information printed on their websites, if any, and they are generally not available to answer any of your questions.

For instance, take Amazon or Ebay, just try to get in touch with someone to get a question answered, that you have. Good Luck!

The right size and design is critical when it comes to buying the best bat house or bats will not move in. If it was not designed and built according to the best construction specifications recommended and approved by published standards from MTBC (Merlin Tuttle Bat Conservation) & BCI (Bat Conservation International), then it most likely "WILL NOT" attract bats and they surely will not move in.

The 5 Bat Houses Used in our Comparison Chart
5 bat houses
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The comparison chart below will show you the pro's and con's of just a few of the many so-called bat houses that are sold on the Internet by 2nd and/or 3rd party resellers and at local retailers. Compare the qualities of each and see which one you prefer.


All of the following comparison statistics are based on Single/ Double Cell units that we actual purchased from our competitors or Amazon, so we could see for ourselves how the bat houses where constructed and what type of installation instructions they furnish with their unit. We have no reason to believe that these comparison units will or will not work for bat occupancy, but it is highly "unlikely" as they are not constructed according to research studies or standards. Pay particular attention on the chart to the size of the four competitor units compared to our bat house.

Bat House Comparison Chart

The comparison chart below only reflects information on our single cell units. We have 5 different models to choose from all built with the same high quality standards, just different sizes.

  BBYPlanted PerfectEvergreen Ent. Houseables Sparkleberry
  batsbirdsyard bh planted perfect bh evergren bh housesables bh sparkleberry bh
Size29h x 15.5w15h x 9.25w13.5h x 8.5w16h x 10w10 5/8h x 6 7/8w
MTBC Certified Yes No No No No
BCI CertifiedYesNoNoNoNo
Chambers/CellsSingle Cell2111
Chamber Size3/4"7/8"5/8"1 3/4th"2"
Const. Mat.CedarPine???FirCedar
Joint Const.Beveled/Overlap
50 year Sealant
NoneNoneButt JointsNone
FastenersBrass ScrewsBradsBradsBradsBrads
Rear SideMetalWoodWoodWood
Weather TightYes????????????
Landing PadGroovedNot GroovedGroovedGroovedGrooved
Landing Pad
Finish OptionsYesNoneNoneNoneNone
Mounting OptionsYes??? ??? ??? ???
Mounting Brackets
Product OriginUSAChinaChina??????
Contact InfoEmail/Phone????????????
Color Codes:

After reviewing the Bat House Comparison Chart which bat house do you think is the best bet for your money? Don't waste your money on a product that most likely "will not work". Take a look at our bat house issues to avoid page. Buy a Quality Cedar Bat House from BBY then you can be assured that you have bought the best product on the Internet. We also offer Custom Built Bat Houses.

Now you can sit back and watch the bats in the evening catch all of the pesky mosquitoes. Make sure you check the manufacturer with the most Green categories to make a properly informed decision on your purchase.

Customer Review: The house arrived early Saturday morning in excellent shape and I'm very impressed by the build quality. Being an engineer and hobbyist woodworker, I appreciate the excellent wood products you use and your attention to construction details. I was very impressed by the completeness of the accompanying documentation - most companies these days simply send the product without any support included. I very much support companies that ask for feedback from their customers. I have included my answers for your review.
Thank you, Hap M. Montville. NJ.

If you want a bat house design that is MTBC Certified and BCI Certified and has proven itself out in the field for over a decade in research studies, then look no further! We have the best bat houses on the Internet for sale ( 5 ) of them to be exact. We only provide high quality cedar bat houses built to attract and house bats for your intended application.

We are the only Internet provider of Hand Crafted Cedar Bat Houses that offers several options, unlike other manufacturers that sell there products "as is" or the "what you see is what you get", approach.

Our options are: 5 Different Sizes, Paint or Stain Finish, Metal or Copper Roof, Engraving, Mounting Brackets.

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