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"Super Deluxe" Bat Shelter Complex (11 pieces)

Are you looking for the alternative complex in Bat Shelters for our endangered bat population? Then you want to take a close look at this package that we have put together.

bat shelter complex package

Package Contents:

  • 2 Single Cell Bachelor pads
  • 2 Triple Cell Deluxe Nursery Units
  • 1 Five cell Super Condo Unit
  • 2 Sets of Back to Back Mounting Brackets
  • 1 Set of the Single pole Mounting Bracket
  • 3 Easy-up-Swivel Pole Mounting Brackets
  • Stain color of your choice

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The combination package was designed for large parcels of property, with conservation conscious individuals and organizations in mind, and or for those that just have a desire to help our bat population overcome our unfriendly habitat issues towards bats. By installing a combinations of bat houses you will be encouraging the bat population to continue growing.

The whole concept of this combination package was designed for areas of 2 acres and up to 5 acres. Larger areas may require more units. This all depends on the bat population that you have on your property. Time will tell you what you will need in the way of additional units in the future, if any.

The single cell and the triple cell units are installed on two separate 2" I.D. steel poles with the use of a Back-to-Back mounting bracket and the Easy-up Swivel pole bracket.

The Five chamber condo unit is installed on a separate steel pole with the use of the Single pole Mounting Bracket. The easy-up-swivel pole brackets are used with each pole installation, requires (3) steel poles. Check the heat index color chart to choose the proper stain color for the bat houses in you area.

This package offers the ultimate in diverse housing for your bat population without you having to go through the process of ordering 6 different items separately. One click does it all. You get all the products listed above at a great 21% savings. Click here to order the Bat Shelter Complex. We also offer Pole Installation Services.

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Bat House Details

The single cell or chamber BCI Approved bat house is designed for use by the Male Bat, as the males do not reside with the females once they have had the pups. Male bats are creatures of seclusion (loaners). This bat house is great for a back-to-back application on a pole. It has pre-drilled mounting holes at the top and bottom of the bat house for ease of mounting. 100% Cedar Construction.

Dimensions: 29H x 16W x 2.125D inches.
Capacity: Holds Approximately 100 bats.

The triple cell or triple chamber BCI Approved bat house is designed so the females can give birth to their "one pup" in early spring and raise them during the summer months. Movement between the cells is critical for proper heat temperature while raising the pup. You can use the 4 pre-drilled mounting holes for a double unit back-to-back application on a pole where you have a large bat population or you can just set up one unit. 100% Cedar Construction.

Dimensions: 29H x 16W x 5D Capacity:
Holds Approximately 330 Bats

The five cell/chamber BCI Approved Bat house is the ultimate in a large capacity unit for colonies. Recommended for single unit pole installation. All of bat house units have 4 pre-drilled holes for easy mounting. Inspect your bat house once a year. 100% Cedar Construction

Dimensions: 29H x 19W x 7.75D inches.
Capacity: Holds Approximately 675 Bats

Bracket specifications:

Single Pole and the Back to Back mounting brackets are fabricated from 1/8" x 2" strap steel with a 3" x 3" square tube welded to the bracket arms, The sq tube has two 3/8" set screws for secure attachment to the steel pole. The 3/8" bolts eliminate the possibility of the bat house sliping down the pole and makes it very easy for you to adjust for the proper direction of the bat house so one unit faces South/Southeast and the other unit faces North/ Northwest.

The back-to-back application gives the two back-to-back bat house installation a wide range of heat temperature for the bats to chose from. We recommend only using a 2 inch schedule 40 steel pipe for the double bat house installation and the large 5 chamber installation.

The Easy-up-Swivel Mounting Bracket makes an awkward and sometimes difficult job easy, when you install it directly over the top of the 2" pipe you have cemented in the ground. It will fit directly over the top of your 1 1/4", 1 1/2" or 2 " steel pipe that you have placed in the ground. Do not use a pipe any smaller then the 2" I.D. pipe for the back to back installations.

The Easy-Up Bracket allows for easy raising and lowering of your bat house so you can make yearly inspections and provide maintenance as may be required. It is constructed from 3"x3"x 3/16" inch tubular steel and precision machined to accommodate the swivel pipe attachment. The Easy-Up Bracket will not fit over a pipe larger than 2" I.D. = 2 3/8" OD All hardware and installation instructions included with the purchase of the bracket. All mounting brackets have a POWDER COAT FINISH on them for the ultimate in protection against the elements.

Recommendations for Yearly Inspections and Maintenance:

  1. Inspect your bat house yearly for unwanted house guest such as mud dopers, hornets or wasps.
  2. Check for cracks in the wood and repair as required.
  3. Install a fresh coat of paint or stain as needed.
  4. Make sure your houses are facing the proper direction for the best sun exposure.
  5. Make sure you keep all trees in the area away from your houses a minimum of 25'
  6. Make sure you install your houses on two 10' sections (20 ft x 2") I.D. schedule 40 steel pipe that has threads at both ends.

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