MTBC certified
BCI certified

Bat Houses - Handcrafted, Custom-Made and Certified by Merlin Tuttle's Bat Conservation & Bat Conservation International.

Our incredible, high quality cedar bat houses are "custom-made" and hand-crafted from rough sawn northern white cedar lumber, one at a time. All of our cedar bat house are certified by Merlin Tuttle's Bat Conservation (MTBC) and Bat Conservation International (BCI -

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These prime bat shelters come in 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 cells or compartments that are not only functional, practical and attractive, but will also withstand the rigors of time and the elements. We have many options in colors of paint or stain to choose from, as well as our 16 oz copper roof and engraving option. Bat house Installation is available also.

The colors of the bat houses shown below were chosen by the customer and do not represent the colors that you must choose for your bat house when you place your order.

Bat House Samples

See other paint or stain options

High Quality Construction

Customer Review: The house arrived early Saturday morning in excellent shape and I'm very impressed by the build quality. Being an engineer and hobbyist woodworker, I appreciate the excellent wood products you use and your attention to construction details. I was very impressed by the completeness of the accompanying documentation - most companies these days simply send the product without any support included. I very much support companies that ask for feedback from their customers. Thank you, Hap M. Montville. NJ.

We have spent many sleepless nights and countless research hours to develop high quality, hand-crafted, cedar bat houses for your bat friends.

Our MTBC & BCI Certified Cedar Bat Houses are constructed with our aggressive Five Notch System for higher standards of quality, function, and durability. Our unique finger joint wall system and rabbet joint design construction ensures that our bat houses will last for many years of service for your "bat friends".

Don't be fooled by 90% of the other bat house designs in the marketplace. Most do not work. Over the past 5 years everybody has jumped on the band wagon to gain their part of the all mighty dollar and built bat houses that are not manufactured according to any research studies or standards, therefore rendering them to be purely useless.

We produce the only bat houses on the market with a metal roof and back. We are the innovator of this design! See construction issues to avoid for more information. Also check out our Bat Houses Comparison page where we compare the quality of 4 other bat house manufacturers with our own product.

Why offer sub-standard housing for your "bat friends" when you can offer them draft-free, high quality, MTBC & BCI certified and hand-crafted cedar bat houses that are Made in the USA and will last many years?

Single Cell

Our Bat House Premier Series

MTBC & BCI APPROVED   1-2-3-4-5 Chamber Houses

Constructed from high quality rough sawn CEDAR, 13/16" outer wall construction and 9/16" chamber walls. Cedar withstands the weather elements for many years. In general, you can expect 15 to 20 years of longevity for your bat house, with little to no yearly maintenance due to our unique design.

Additional Information:


We Pay All Shipping Charges for the 5 different Bat House models, the Bat Shelter Complex and the Easy-up-Bracket when orders are shipped within the lower 48 states, with exception to these West coast states: WA., OR., or CA. (see our shipping restrictions page for more information).

Because all of our Bat Houses are hand crafted once we receive an order the 1,2 & 3 cell may take 4 to 5 business days to process and the 4 & 5 cell may take an additional 3 to 4 days to process and ship. Houses with a painted or stained finish take 4 to 5 days longer because of the dry time required for the applied finish. Complete details and ordering options can be found within our Secure Ordering System.

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Bat House Models:

Bat House Brackets

Mounting Brackets

Four models to choose from.
Easy to attach.
All hardware included.

Click Here for more Details on our Mounting Brackets

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No additional charge for shipping if ordered with a bat house (in the lower 48 states)!

Special Quantity Orders

We welcome quantity orders as well as individual orders. We will travel anywhere to install bat houses in the lower 48. Just contact us for more information by emailing or calling 810-602-4707. A discount may apply on large orders.

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11 Piece Bat Shelter Complex

Do you have 2 acres of property or more, and want to enjoy the summer days outside. Then you want to think about mosquito control with our 11 Piece Bat Shelter Complex.

The Bat Shelter Complex Includes two single chamber units, two triple chamber units and one five chamber unit along with all the required mounting brackets and the Easy-up-swivel Mounting Bracket. Enjoy your summer out of doors.

We are the only bat house manufacture on the internet that offers a total mosquito control system like this. We also can do the installation for you.

bat shelter complex
11 piece bat shelter complex

(Click the image for more information).

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Bat House Ordering Options

Choose a Painted, Stained or Unfinished Unit

  • 1. Each bat house unit comes unfinished in natural northern cedar.

  • 2. We can apply a non toxic exterior finish for you using one coat of primer and two top coats of paint. Color choices are Black, Dark Brown, Dark Green, Light Green, Dark Gray, Light Gray, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Kidskin and Redwood.

  • 3. We can apply two coats of non-toxic exterior stain for you. Color choices are Black, Dark Brown, Dark Green, Light Green, Dark Gray, Light Gray, Dark Blue, Light Blue and Redwood.

See our Painted and Stained Bat Houses page for samples and please review the BCI Heat Index Chart so you can choose the best color.

Engraving Bat Houses

We can free hand engrave the face or side of the bat house for you and highlight the engraving (includes up to 20 characters.)

Roof Materials

We can install a 16 ounce copper roof instead of the pre-finished Penny Brite simulated cooper roof.


We can provide installation of your bat houses on just about any surface, be it flush mount on a structure, or a mount on a pole or a dead tree with limited obstruction. For additional information on our installation program, please see the Bat House Custom Installation page.

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