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Bat House Installation Service

Have you seen one of our trucks in your neighborhood lately? If you have, it most likely was just hanging around installing some bat houses for one of your neighbors.

bat house install trucks

If you don't have the time or equipment to install your new bat house we can install it for you on a steel pole. Just contact us.

BBY LLC. ( will install your new bat houses on a 2 3/8" steel pole set in concrete, 17 ft above grade level. Steel pole has 2 coats of primer and 2 coats of flat black paint applied by hand prior to installation. Or we can install your new bat house on a solid structure. Whichever you choose, "we can do it". just tell us what your thoughts are.

#1 Bat House Installation Service
in Michigan


We will also travel to other states such as Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin. Minnesota and beyond to all Eastern, Southern & Western states. Have a large project of 20 or more houses, we can handle that for you with ease, the more the merrier.Just contact us for a comprehensive review of your project (we only use STEEL poles).

Following are photos of just a few of the bat houses we have installed for customers.

(click images for a larger view)

2 Double Chamber on One Pole and 2 Triple Chamber on Another Pole

Mr. S. from New Mexico contacted me in late Jan of 2021 about installing some bat houses at his summer home in Lake Ann, Mi. when weather permits in June or July. After numerous emails back and forth, I agreed with MR.S. on the selection of location for the installation of two poles with four bat house. The poles were to be placed on an old section of railroad bed that ran alongside the lake; it was abandon in the late 1800 (so we didn't have to worry about trains). We decided on installing two double chamber houses on one 20 ft steel pole and two triple chamber houses on the second 20 ft steel pole.

We installed two 20'sections of 2 3/8" schedule 40 steel pipe painted black, two Secure EZ-up Brackets, two double cell bat house and two triple cell bat house. All of the houses were painted Hunter Green.

Job went well with the terrain being all sand. The poles are about 100' above grade level of the lake on a flat area where the railroad tracks once laid. Area gets about 5 to 6 hours of daily sun.

Don & Bobbie. S Lake Ann, (Traverse City) MI. 6/1/21

Bat Shelter Complex Installation

2 Single Chamber - 2 Three Chamber - 1 Five chamber

I received an email from Mr. F. asking if we would come out and take a look at his property for some Bat House. On 3/29/21 I meet him at his home to review the layout of his property. We both agreed that the Bat House Shelter Complex would work great for what he was looking to achieve.

We installed 5 bat houses on three 2 3/8" O.D. steel pipes with our Easy-up-Brackets and proper pole mounting brackets. The poles were spaced roughly 125' to 150' away from each other. We installed a different color of stain on each house to see if the light and dark colors would have a bearing on heat within the houses and have any bearing on the occupancy.

Unknown to us Mr. F was taken a video of us installing one of the poles with two three cell units.

Mr. F., Davisburg, MI. Date Installed: 04-24-21

Bat Shelter Complex Installation

2 Single Chamber - 2 Three Chamber - 1 Five chamber

I received a phone call from Mr. S. on Friday in late Oct 2020 about looking at his water front property located in 'HELL, MI'. He was interested in having some bat houses installed possibly. So on Sat morning we planned to meet for me to look at his property.

When I arrived Mike and I walked his property that was located right on a private lake. We wanted to see what options we had for installing some Bat Houses. He was interested in an alternative way to control the mosquitos issue without using pesticides.

After careful consideration as to how the 6/7 acres of property was located to the lake I decided that this would be an ideal location to install our Bat Shelter Complex as his house was right on the lake with a great patio up close to the lake so they could enjoy the beautiful view of the sunset during the summer months.

The patio is laid out in such a way that you are up close to the two to three acres of property that is acutely lake water frontage. So after our review with Mike he gave me the OK to proceed with the installation of the Bat Shelter Complex.

We installed all of the houses on 2 3/8" steel poles set in concrete and the Easy-up-Bracket mounted to the pole in the ground. All bat houses where attached to the steel pole with our Back to Back brackets and the single pole bracket. We installed a total of 5 bat houses on the separate three poles. All houses were stained black.

Mr. S., Hell, MI. Date Installed: 11-04-20

A Single chamber and A triple chamber

2 bat houses installed
Amy's Bat House installed

Ms. M. contacted us in late Oct 2020 about getting an inspection on her property. So, with the weather headed towards winter we had to act fast.

"BBY LLC responded quickly to my email inquiry and were out the same week to look at my yard and identify the best spots to install the bat houses. The work was done within the next week and both the bat houses and the poles look nice and blend in with the existing landscaping. Phil answered all my questions and was polite and professional from start to finish - I am very happy with the work and and am looking forward to welcoming these amazing creatures to their new homes - hopefully next Summer. Thanks Phil, for a nice job." Amy M., Holt MI., 10-31-20

We installed 0ne Single chamber & One triple chamber facing South/Southeast. Both are painted Hunters Green. We used our Single pole mounting bracket and the Easy-up-Swivel Bracket for the pole and bat house Installation. The houses were set at the edge of Ms. M. wild flower garden which will draw bugs for the bats dinner.

One Single Chamber and One Triple Chamber

double chamber installed
Single Chamber installed

Mr. Stefan K. from Brighton, Mi. contacted me about looking at his property up north in Houghton Lk., MI. about installing some Bat Houses. We had already installed two at his residence in Brighton. So I headed up north one day to look at his property deep in the woods of northern Mi. and made a determination that two houses would work out just fine for his little piece of paradise up north. We installed one Single Chamber and one Triple Chamber. Both were painted Dark Green and installed on 2 3/8" black steel pipe with our Single pole mounting bracket and the Easy-up-Swivel Bracket. The installation went just fine without any trees close by and a source of water in an wide open area of the property so the bats would be able to get a drink when need be. A great location for hunting Mosquitoes at dinner time.

"Thanks Phil. Great location for the houses." Stefan K., Houghton Lk., MI., 8-21-19

Installation of Bat Shelter Complex

The Bat Shelter Complex contains: 2 Single Chambers, 2 Three Chambers, 1 Five Chamber, 2 Back-to-back Mounting Brackets, 1 Single Pole Mounting Bracket

On or about 7/21/19 I received an email from Mr. D. about a BIG problem he was having with bats in his house. He thought he wanted some bat houses installed with the hopes of the bats taking up residence in them instead of his home.

Tad lives in Fennville, Mi. about 172 miles from our shop and he wanted to know if we would be willing to travel that far. I told him we can come out on an inspection but there would be an inspection service fee that is refundable back to him if we do the work. He was quite willing to have us come out so we set up a day 7/29/19 for us to meet.

Once I got to Tad’s home he showed me where the bats were going in and out of an overhang at the first story level at the soffit area of the home. He already contacted someone to do the repair work on the house once he was sure all the bats have gone for the winter. I proceeded to inspect his property, about 3 acres of nice clear land with only his house and a few trees.

I told him he had a great location to install the Bat Shelter Complex because he had no tall trees to deal with and just a few large evergreens on the property. Tad once again confirmed that he wants the bats to stay around, so if this is what it takes to make the bats happy then he wants it done. He had already looked at the Bat Shelter Complex on our website so he was familiar with it.

A nearby neighbor has a large pond so water was not an issue, and without tall dense trees this will work out just fine. I gave him the price for the Bat Shelter Complex installation and he asked me when we could do the work. I told him we could be back out in a couple three weeks once he placed his order. All houses were stained a dark gray.

Thanks Phil! looks great. I hope the bats will like them. Tad D., Fennville, MI., 8/19/19

Single Cell Bat House and a Triple Cell Painted dark gray.

installing 2 bat houses with easy up bracket

Hi Phil, I was very impressed with the bat houses and the installation. Looks like a very professional job! I'm sorry I wasn't able to be there to meet you and talk to you. Thank you for the packet of information/warranty/pens - I will read them over.Steve M., Edwardsburg, Mi., 6-18-18

These were installed on a 2 3/8" OD steel pipe with the Easy-up Bracket. Both units were placed in the center of Mr. M.'s berry garden and minature orchard area. They are in the same garden area, but spread apart about 150 ft from each other.

Three Chamber Bat Houses Painted Black, mounted with a single pole mounting bracket and the Easy-up bracket.

three chamber bat house

Completed installation of two steel poles with Three Chamber Bat Houses Painted Black, mounted with a single pole mounting bracket and the Easy-up bracket. The two new bat house are set on separate 2 3/8" steel pole at a height of 17' and faces Southeast. Customer will install the second bat house on the pole in the back ground later in the year. Mr. & Mrs. W. have all kinds of bats residing in an old dilapidated bat house, behind their home so they wanted to give them a couple of new homes out in the sun. Mr. & Mrs. W, Travers City, MI., 6-28-17

2 Chamber Bat House on Steel Pole

2 chamber bat house installed on steel pole

Lafontaine Family looks on as we complete the installation of a Two Chamber Bat House Painted Dark Green, mounted with a single pole mounting bracket. New bat house is set on a 2 3/8" steel pole at a height of 17' and faces Southeast. Customer Review Customer chose to leave the steel pole galvanized instead of painting it black. Fenton, MI., 7-16-14

Three Chamber Bat House / Painted Black on Steel Pole

3 chamber bat house painted black on a pole

Mounted on a 2 3/8" steel pole with our Single Pole Mounting Bracket. 17 ft height. Facing Southeast. Ms. C. A. Lansing, MI., 7-8-14 Customer Review

Double Chamber Bat house/ Painted Dark Blue on Tree

Double chamber bat house pinted dark blue on a pole

Mounted to a 84" circumference dead Ash tree, with our Post or Pole Mounting Bracket. Bat house faces South. The bark was peeled off the tree and then bleached and power washed, prior to installing three coats of a clear water repellant, before the installation of the bat house. Installed in Hartland Mi., 9-8-13

Triple Chamber Bat House / Painted Black on Barn

3 chamber bat house painted black

Mounted to a steel pole barn with our Stand off Mounting Bracket. Facing South, Southeast. Rose Center, MI., 8-20-12

Three Chamber Bat House / Stained Dark Brown on Steel Pole

3 chamber bat house stained brown on a pole

Mounted with our Single Pole Mounting Bracket on a 20 ft 2 3/8" steel pole. 17 ft height. Facing South / Southeast. White Lake, MI., 6-11-12

Three Chamber and a Single Cell Bat House on Steel Pipe

2 bat houses on poles painted green

Both Bat Houses were painted a Dark Green and mounted with our Single Pole Mounting Bracket on a 2 3/8" black steel pipe set in concrete, in a 36" deep hole. The Bat Houses look like they belong. They blend in so well with the environment you don't really notice them.

Even though we installed two bat houses at different location's within the subdivision both bat houses face towards the south / southwest for maximum sun exposure in relation to the landscape. They had BBY LLC. install two bat houses to help control the mosquito problem. West Bloomfield, Mi., 7-26-11

3 Chamber Bat House on Steel Pole

3 chamber bat house installed on steel pole

Mr. B. has a Three Chamber Bat House installed near his greenhouse where he raises Orchids. Mr. B. is a Master Gardner that was looking for a Bat House for many years that would fit in with his high standards. So after endless searching year after year Mr. B. found our website and placed an order with us. We installed a triple chamber nursery Bat House on a 20' 2" steel pole with the pole mounting bracket. Caro, MI, 7-2-11

Double Chamber Bat House on Steel Pole

2 chamber bat house painted brown on a pole

Bat House is painted a Dark Brown and faces southeast. Mounted on a steel pole with our single pole mounting bracket at a height of 17 ft. Blends in great with the landscape. If you're not looking for it you probably won't spot it when you enter into the back yard to go for a swim on a hot summer day.

The wires you see in the photo are on the backside of the bat house about 10 to 15 feet away and are slightly higher then the height of our bat house which will not hamper the flight path for the bats. Birmingham Mi., 6-20-11

Two Chamber Bat House / No finish on Barn

3 chamber bat house with no finish on a barn

Mounted directly to the South side of this 90 year old barn. 28 ft. height. Hartland, MI., 6-23-10

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