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Have you seen one of our trucks in your neighborhood lately? If you have, it most likely was just hanging around installing a bat House for one of your neighbors.

bat house install trucks

If you don't have the time or equipment to install your new bat house on a Steel Pole, Barn/Shed Wall, Wood Post or Pole or as last resort, a Tree, we can do that for you, just give us a call.

BBY LLC. ( will install your new bat houses on a 2 3/8" steel pole set in concrete, 17 ft above grade level. Steel pole has 1 coat of primer and 2 coats of black paint applied by hand prior to installation. Or we can install your new bat house on a solid structure. Whichever you choose, "we can do it". just tell us what your thoughts are.

#1 Bat House Installation Service in Michigan

Lower on this page you will see just a few of the many different types of Bat House Installation's that we have completed in the Michigan area.

We also travel to Ohio, Indiana, Illinois and Wisconsin for installation. If you live in another state, contact us.

Bat Houses we have Installed

Triple Chamber Bat House / Painted Black on Barn

3 chamber bat house painted black

Mounted to a steel pole barn with our Stand off Mounting Bracket. Facing South, Southeast. Rose Center, MI

Three Chamber Bat House / Painted Black on Steel Pole

3 chamber bat house painted black on a pole

Mounted on a 2 3/8" steel pole with our Single Pole Mounting Bracket. 17 ft height. Facing Southeast. Ms. C. A. Lansing, MI Customer Review

Three Chamber Bat House / Stained Dark Brown on Steel Pole

3 chamber bat house stained brown on a pole

Mounted with our Single Pole Mounting Bracket on a 20 ft 2 3/8" steel pole. 17 ft height. Facing South / Southeast. White Lake, MI

Two Chamber Bat House / No finish on Barn

3 chamber bat house with no finish on a barn

Mounted directly to the South side of this 90 year old barn. 28 ft. height. Hartland, MI.

Double Chamber Bat house/ Painted Dark Blue on Tree

Double chamber bat house pinted dark blue on a pole

Mounted to a 84" circumference dead Ash tree, with our Post or Pole Mounting Bracket. Bat house faces South. The bark was peeled off the tree and then bleached and power washed, prior to installing three coats of a clear water repellant, before the installation of the bat house. Installed in Hartland Mi.

Three Chamber and a Single Cell Bat House on Steel Pipe

2 bat houses on poles painted green

Both Bat Houses were painted a Dark Green and mounted with our Single Pole Mounting Bracket on a 2 3/8" black steel pipe set in concrete, in a 36" deep hole. The Bat Houses look like they belong. They blend in so well with the environment you don't really notice them.

Even though we installed two bat houses at different location's within the subdivision both bat houses face towards the south / southwest for maximum sun exposure in relation to the landscape. They had BBY LLC. install two bat houses to help control the mosquito problem. West Bloomfield, Mi.

Double Chamber Bat House on Steel Pole

2 chamber bat house painted brown on a pole

Bat House is painted a Dark Brown and faces southeast. Mounted on a steel pole with our single pole mounting bracket at a height of 17 ft. Blends in great with the landscape. If you're not looking for it you probably won't spot it when you enter into the back yard to go for a swim on a hot summer day.

The wires you see in the photo are on the backside of the bat house about 10 to 15 feet away and are slightly higher then the height of our bat house which will not hamper the flight path for the bats. Birmingham Mi.

3 Chamber Bat House on Steel Pole

3 chamber bat house installed on steel pole

Mr. B. has a Three Chamber Bat House installed near his greenhouse where he raises Orchids. Mr. B. is a Master Gardner that was looking for a Bat House for many years, that fit his standard. Mr B.'s Blog Comment. The bat house faces south to receive full sun all day at a height of 17 ft on a steel pole and mounting bracket. Caro, MI

2 Chamber Bat House on Steel Pole

2 chamber bat house installed on steel pole

Lafontaine Family looks on as we complete the installation of a Two Chamber Bat House Painted Dark Green, mounted with a single pole mounting bracket. New bat house is set on a 2 3/8" steel pole at a height of 17' and faces Southeast. Customer Review Customer chose to leave the steel pole galvanized instead of painting it black. Fenton, MI.

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