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bat houses in our yard

My name is Diane Brodak. My husband Phil and I are lifelong outdoor enthusiasts. We are native Michiganders, born and raised in metro Detroit. We've made our home on 10 wooded acres in Livingston County, Michigan, with J.J., our Lab/Shepherd mix, Zoey our Sheltie; Heidi, our cat; and our Golden Palomino Quarter Horse C.C which passed away 6 years ago, may he rest in peace. Most of our pets have been adopted.

Triple Cell bat house
endview of triple cell bat house

After spending 45 years in the construction industry, Phil "retired" but never slowed down. He thought he might want to put up a couple Bat Houses on the property so he began research on the internet about bat houses. He found the BCI website and reviewed the instructions for building a quality Bat House according to BCI guidelines.

Once he had this information in hand he started to research the Internet for bat houses. What he found was very disturbing. Most of the bat house products that he found were made out of improper materials and not sized properly.

Phil decided to pursue his woodworking hobby by building a variety of high quality cedar bat houses that would surpass any he found on the internet.

Once Phil came up with a concept he began to build 5 different models to submit to BCI for approval, then we opened up our website and began offering our bat houses and horseshoe products to the general public on the Internet.

We produce our hand crafted Cedar Bat Houses as orders are received, (one at a time ) so we can make sure that all orders receive 110% of our effort to furnish you our customer with high quality AMERICAN MADE products from Michigan that are 100% satisfaction guaranteed. .

Phil Brodak

We have traveled the United States from North to South and East to West on our Harley and by car only to find some of the friendliest people that we have ever met. Although we've explored the U.S./ Canada, Mexico and beyond, there is still no place like home. Travel memories are great, but our true pleasure comes from doing the things that make us happy on a daily basis. For us, that is being home, working in our yard. Phil is at his best when he can be in the woodworking shop building bat houses and horseshoe products along with enjoying the outdoors in our own backyard.

Try it for yourself. There is great satisfaction to be found in tinkering in the yard and getting your hands dirty. There is something about being outside surrounded by Mother Nature and all of her beauty that gives you peace of mind and provides an opportunity for self-reflection.

It is our hope that something on our website catches your eye and will ultimately add to your enjoyment of your own backyard!

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