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January 2011 Newsletter



Happy New Year!


I hope everyone had a great holiday season where ever you live—be it in a tropical climate area or in a frigid area of the world. A new year is upon us, and that means a continuing page of adventure in life. Hold this new adventure close for we never know what is around the next corner. Good luck in the New Year and may all of our troops come home soon. Peace on earth for the New Year would be a great gift to all of us.


Handsome Additions to Any Yard


bat bouse

Mr. & Mrs. S. of Highland Mich. show off their new Bird Feeder and Double Cell Bat House that was purchased in late summer. Boy how time flies

Our complete line of Bat Houses can be found here.


bciPlease do not forget to help Bat Conservation International with a donation to support their fight against white nose syndrome. It is a disease that we must get under control in order to preserve our bat population that is so vital to our ecosystem. www.batcon.org

american profile

Creepy Critters

Bats, wolves and spiders aren't so frightening in their natural habitats
by Mary O. Parker

Printed from AmericanProfile.com on 11/25/2010 October 2010 Article


NEW LINKS on our website along with some new articles within our site. Check them out, you may find them useful. Have fun browsing around www.BatsBirdsYard.com.


John James Audubon book of bird paintings sells for big money at auction

High-Flying Price for Audubon's "Birds"
The 19th Century Naturalist and Painter's Exquisite Book Is One Rare Bird—and One Auctioneer's Delight

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The Hummingbirds of Winter

Across the Southeast, volunteers team up to study apparent shifts in the cold-weather ranges of hummingbird species.



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