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  Newsletter Featuring Information on Bats

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November 2013 Debunking myths and rumors about bats.
July 2013 Calling for bat house pictures. Also news about Asian Tiger Mosquitoes spreading to most states.
April 2013 Announcing a new mounting bracket and information on maintaining duck boxes.
January 2013 More information on White Nose Syndrome.


October 2012 Preparation of bat houses in the fall, Bats on the Endangered list, the 18th Annual CraneFest, and seeking funding for research on the white-nose syndrome in bats.
July 2012 Bats in Texas, Tips on how to attract Bees, Hummingbirds, Bats and Butterflies to your garden
April 2012 —Bat House / Bird House Spring Check List
January 2012—Happy New Year


November 2011—Novi Equestrian Expo
August 2011—The Power of Poop
July 2011—Conserving Russian Bats
June 2011—White Nose Syndrome Update
May 2011—Florida Eagle Project Update
April 2011—Bill would protect bats, wildlife from disease
March 2011—Which bird seeds are best.
February 2011—Michigan Upper Peninsula travel guide.
January 2011—John James Audubon auction.


December 2010—Help protect bats.
November 2010—Where do bats go in the winter.
October 2010—BBY receives recognition for website design and content.
September 2010—BBY donates a Blue Bird house and installation to McLaren Hospice center.

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