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Handmade Horseshoe Decor

All of our horseshoe art work is handcrafted from previously used horseshoes that we have obtained from our personal farrier and other farriers. We recycle them into creative art work.

All of the horseshoes are thoroughly prepared by hand and machine to insure a cleansed product prior to creating the handcrafted decorative art designs. By using recycled horseshoes it gives a unique individual appearance to each lucky horseshoe item and creates a conversation peace of its own.

Once the Lucky Horseshoes have gone thru the cleaning process we allow them to weather naturally in such a manner that they obtain a slight red oxidized tone or used look that we are looking to achieve.

All bead work is handcrafted on copper or silver wire and in some creations rawhide. We use real turquoise, glass beads, feathers, rawhide, wooden tokens and or beads, also silver beads and charms. The different styles within the lucky Horseshoe category reflect the amount of creative handcrafted art work involved in creating the Lucky Horseshoe.

No two Lucky Horseshoes are created exactly the same. When you place an order with us the colors will be the same but the arrangement may very slightly.

Lucky Horseshoe photos are actual designs that Diane has created. Some of the items may no longer be available so it would be best to email us before placing an order to confirm the availability of the item that you want to purchase.

If you place an order prior to confirming availability of the product we will take that as a confirmation for Diane to create a new design of similar profile for the order you have placed if we no longer have the exact one listed on our website.

Lucky horseshoe designs are all created individually and no two creations are exactly the same.

They are a one–of-a-kind-creation.

The Lucky Horseshoes make a great gift or award for the young female equestrian enthusiast.

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Good Luck Horseshoes

Derby Collection Lucky Horseshoes






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Thoroughbred Collection Lucky Horseshoes







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Winner Circle Collection Lucky Horseshoes



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Custom orders can be created.

Do you have a horse that has passed away and you want to preserve the memory by having the shoe/shoes mounted on a plaque with a brass name plate. We can do that for you.

Contact us with the details and we will get back in touch with you.

Have an idea about a new product; send it to us so we can review what your idea is. Once we have reviewed your idea and except it as a product that we can market we will send you the first one FREE of all charges including FREE shipping.

Just drop us a note and a picture if you have one of what you want.

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