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Custom Bat House Installation

Installation in Michigan

We can provide a bat house installation service for you within a 60 mile radius of Hartland, Michigan, for $84.00 on an existing flat structure if the installation is at a height no greater than 15 feet above ground level to the top of the bat house. If it is above 15 feet in height, it will require two men for safety reasons and there would be an additional charge of $55.00. Installation rate of $84.00 only applies to the installation of a single or double cell bat house. If you need the 3, 4 or 5 cell unit installed the cost will be $139.00 as long as the installed height is not above 20 feet. Also see the The Best Time of Year to Install a Bat House.

Custom Installation in Other States

We can also custom install your bat house in Ohio, Indiana, Illinois and Wisconsin. If you are located further than 60 miles from our location in Hartland, Michigan, or live in another state, there is a travel charge of $0.90 per mile one way (after the first 60 miles) plus a minimum charge of $139.00 labor. For safety reasons, installations further than 60 miles requires two men. All mileage is calculated using MapQuest from our office to the job address.

Steel Pole Installation

We can also do a complete installation package for you on a solid soil surface which includes a 2-3/8" OD black pipe set in concrete. The package includes the steel pole installation of 16 to 17 feet in height, above ground level, installed with your newly purchased bat house and steel mounting brackets within the 60 mile radius FREE of the minimum $84.95 service charge. Give us a call for further details about the steel pole installation at 810-602-4707 or fill out our installation form. An installation quote will be provided to you, once the installation questionnaire is completed and forwarded back to us.


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