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Facts about Bats.

Have you ever wondered how many species of bats there are in the world.

According to published statistic from ( BCI )Bat Conservation International there are 1,331 species  worldwide and growing every year. Help our Bats by giving them a place to live.

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We have 5 models to choose from.

Bat House & Mosquitos

In the summer you are out in your yard along with thousand of mosquitos. Get rid of those mosquitos by installing a bat house,  maybe two or three of them.

Check out our BCI certified bat houses. We have 5 models to choose from. All made out of northern white cedar. http://www.batsbirdsyard.com/bat-houses.html

Cedar Bat house

Cedar Bat house

Bats – Denver – Colorado

Do you live in Denver Colorado? Then you may want to visit the Denver Zoo to see a live presentation about bats. Get the facts about bats.


We hand craft cedar bat houses certified by BCI = Bat Conservation International.


Customer Review Page – BatsBirdsYard.com

Hi Phil and Diane,
Received the birdhouses today! Just gorgeous. I’ve never seen birdhouses built with such excellent quality until now. They’re solid. Love the design.
My husband loves them too. He wants to order a bat house eventually too.
Thanks for the seeds! ~Kristina
Wren House

Cedar Bird House


” BATS” Facts about Bats.

We have a new page up on our website titled About Bats. “Facts About Bats“. A lot of interesting information about Bats. Check it out when you have a spare moment. http://www.batsbirdsyard.com/bat-facts.html

Bat House for spring.

Spring is just around the corner. You want to start thinking about where to buy a bat house. Take a look at our BCI approved bat house.

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