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Facts about Bats.

Have you ever wondered how many species of bats there are in the world.

According to published statistic from ( BCI )Bat Conservation International there are 1,331 species  worldwide and growing every year. Help our Bats by giving them a place to live.

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We have 5 models to choose from.


The question is ! where would you rather have bats live? In your attic or in a bat house handcrafted by BBY LLC.? (http://www.batsbirdsyard.com/

If bats are able to get into an attic area of a house to hibernate they will stay around all winter. When spring rolls around they will wake up from hibernation and hunt for bugs in the evening and return to your attic for their slumber period during the day. This is when you need to have a professional bat exclusion Co.http://www.batsbirdsyard.com/links.html come out and make an inspection of your home so they can install an exclusion unit. But before you do that you should install a bat house in early spring so they have a new home to go to when they do come out of hibernation. The same bats will return every year to the same location if you provide a suitable home for them, like our handcrafted bat houses at BBY LLC .http://www.batsbirdsyard.com/


Bat House Installation

We have added another page to our website.

You can now view a small sample of the many bat house installations that we have completed, along with photos of installations that are self installed by some of our customers. The new page gives the potential customer a better idea of how they can mount their new bat house .http://www.batsbirdsyard.com/bat-house-install-service.html

                                #1 Bat House Installation Service in Michigan

With this new page and our existing page about bat house finish options, http://www.batsbirdsyard.com/bat-houses-painted-stained.html you can get a good idea of what you want to do with your new bat house from BBY LLC.


Bat House for KID ROCK

Do you live in Michigan on a large parcel of land like Kid Rockor your own privet sanctuary. No matter what state you live in or what size  property you have, you still have the Insect/Mosquitoes problem that you need to keep at bay. Our Bat Houses will provide a home for the Bats to do their work at night. Protect your property with one of our Bat Houses.  http://www.batsbirdsyard.com/bat-houses.htm

Our Bat House sale will end on December the 15 /1012. Don’t miss out on this additional 10% savings on all of our Bat Conservation International (BCI) Bat Houses.

 Bat House are all certified by  BCI to be constructed according to strict standards of construction. 5 models to choose from.  http://www.batsbirdsyard.com/certification.html

We also provide the customer with many options for their Bat House.

Staining,Painting. http://www.batsbirdsyard.com/bat-houses-painted-stained.html

Mounting Brackets. http://www.batsbirdsyard.com/mounting-brackets.html

Installation service.    http://www.batsbirdsyard.com/custom-installation.html

Reaching out to save BATS

Are you interested in learning more about Bats and what you can do to help save our Bat population.

You can go on the (NWF) National Wild life Federation website and register for a webinar.


If you are looking for a quality built BAT HOUSE look no further.