Sweepstakes Winner to be Announced

Our Sweepstakes Drawing that ran from March 1, 2013 through May 31, 2013 will end at 12:01 A.M. on June 1, 2013.

We will announce the Sweestakes Winner as soon as we receive a confirmation notification from our drawing winner.


Memorial Day

Memorial Day is a day for paying tribute to all of our fallen heroes, no matter if they are a service personnel, police official, fire fighter or any individual that has given their life to preserve our way of life.  Gone but not forgotten !

This is also a day to remember all of our loved ones that have passed on. You will always be with us. Without our relationship with them we would not be who we are today.

Have a great Memorial Day weekend from all of us at http://www.batsbirdsyard.com/

Nobody-builds a “BAT HOUSE” like ours.

We  hand craft 5 models of Bat Houses. Our 1,2,3,4 & 5 chamber Bat Houses are all made from northern cedar and certified by (BCI) Bat Conservation International.

http://www.batsbirdsyard.com/bat-houses.htmlBat House

We can also install a painted or stained finish on your new Bat House.

Bat House for SALE

Are you looking for a Bat House certified by Bat Conservation International. We have 5 models to choose from. Handcrafted one at a time as an order is received. Made of northern cedar. They will last a lifetime. http://www.batsbirdsyard.com/bat-houses.html

Bat House

” BATS” Facts about Bats.

We have a new page up on our website titled About Bats. “Facts About Bats“. A lot of interesting information about Bats. Check it out when you have a spare moment. http://www.batsbirdsyard.com/bat-facts.html

Bat House for spring.

Spring is just around the corner. You want to start thinking about where to buy a bat house. Take a look at our BCI approved bat house.

They are the best cedar bat houses on the internet. http://www.batsbirdsyard.com/

Buy now and be ready for spring. http://www.batsbirdsyard.com/bat-houses.html



The question is ! where would you rather have bats live? In your attic or in a bat house handcrafted by BBY LLC.? (http://www.batsbirdsyard.com/

If bats are able to get into an attic area of a house to hibernate they will stay around all winter. When spring rolls around they will wake up from hibernation and hunt for bugs in the evening and return to your attic for their slumber period during the day. This is when you need to have a professional bat exclusion Co.http://www.batsbirdsyard.com/links.html come out and make an inspection of your home so they can install an exclusion unit. But before you do that you should install a bat house in early spring so they have a new home to go to when they do come out of hibernation. The same bats will return every year to the same location if you provide a suitable home for them, like our handcrafted bat houses at BBY LLC .http://www.batsbirdsyard.com/