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Facts about Bats.

Have you ever wondered how many species of bats there are in the world.

According to published statistic from ( BCI )Bat Conservation International there are 1,331 species  worldwide and growing every year. Help our Bats by giving them a place to live.

Take a look at our website.

We have 5 models to choose from.

Bat House & Mosquitos

In the summer you are out in your yard along with thousand of mosquitos. Get rid of those mosquitos by installing a bat house,  maybe two or three of them.

Check out our BCI certified bat houses. We have 5 models to choose from. All made out of northern white cedar.

Cedar Bat house

Cedar Bat house

Bat House

Fathers Day will be here on 6/21/15 the same day summer arrives. Give your dad a Fathers Day  gift that he can use. How about a Cedar Bat House that is approved by BCI. Check out our bat house page at

Cedar Bat house

Cedar Bat house