Do you have uninvited house guest ( Bats) living in your attic. In the fall bats are looking for a place to live during the winter month. They can get into your home thru the smallest crack within your structure or take up residence in the chimney flue. You need an expert Bat removal service (exclusion Co) to review the structure and make repairs to ares of entrance. This should be done in the early spring season or in the summer by a Bat removal  service. Prior to implementing the exclusion process you may want to install a Bat House so the bats can have a new home  to reside in during the warmer month. A bat will eat 1,000 mosquitoes per  hour so you want to keep then around. Bats are mammals of habit, they will return to their summer home year after year. For professional help with Bat Removal check out our link section under Bat Control  or Critter and Pest Control.

Holidays are just around the corner. Don’t forget that special person on your list. A Bat House makes a Great Gift.


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