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Bat House Installation !! Caro, MI.

Three Celll Bat House installed in Caro, MI.

Mr. B. from Caro, MI. is a long time member of (BCI) Bat Conservation International and a registered Master Gardner. His love for gardening goes hand in hand with his love for bats. He has entertained the thoughts of either building a bat house or purchasing one for several years. During a recent visit to the Batcon site, (BCI) he located our website under  certified venders MICHIGAN. After a thorough review of our site, and a review of other sites ,he had no doubt in his mind which website he would purchase a bat house from Mr. B purchased a 3 cell bat house stained black with a  16 oz copper roof. He also elected to have the bat house installed with one of our pole mounting brackets on a 2″ steel pipe.

A nice choice Mr. B. it looks great.

 Have a Great Fourth of July.