Monthly Archives: March 2012

Bat House / Bird House Spring Check List

Spring is only two days away. March 20/2012 is the first day of spring and you should make an inspection of your Bat Houses and Bird Houses.

This is also a great time for replacement or new installation.

Bird Houses should have any old nesting removed and make sure they are mounted  securely. Also check and see if you have any unwanted bee nests. Look at the entrance hole to make sure the squirrels have not destroyed the size of the opening. You may need to replace the front panel or even replace the bird house.

Bat houses need to be checked to make sure you have no split wood. If you find wood split then caulk the cracks and repaint or stain the bat house.Make sure you use an exterior latex material. Also check to make sure there are no Mud Dauber ( wasp) nests on the inside or attached to the outside of the bat house.If so remove them.

Why our BCI Bat Houses do not Fail only builds high quality bat house made from northern white cedar. All of our handcrafted bat houses are certified by BCI ( Bat Conservation International) to meet their high standards. We go past that point with our Four Notch construction system. We only sell high quality bat houses. When you buy a bat house from BBY LLC you know you have purchased the best built bat house on the internet.

We are so confident in the quality of our construction that we issue a Lifetime Warranty with every bat house that we handcraft.