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Drawing Winner

Bat house drawing winner Marilyn Graff shows off her bat house that she won in our free bat house drawing on 1/8/12.

I am thrilled to have won this beautiful bat house. I entered at the Novi Equestrian Expo, and since I never win anything, had completely forgotten about it until i received the phone call and email telling me that I had won! What a wonderful surprise! The house arrived in excellent condition, and has created quite a stir here. Thank you again.

Marilyn Graff


The Bat House drawing winner was notified on 1/8/12 at 11:30 am by email and phone that they are the lucky winner of our Bat House drawing.

If the drawing winner does not respond within the next 48 hours we will draw a new entry.

Congratulations go out to Marilyn Graff of Holton, Mi. as the winner of our Free Bat House, Drawing.